Guide To The Best Ice Cream In Seminyak Area, Our Top 4 Picks

Seminyak is always perfect places to go out, chill, shop, or the best thing is to satisfy your craving for food -or deserts. Seminyak is around 19 minutes from DFS Kura-Kura Bus Bay. Seminyak area covered in Kura-Kura Bus in Line 4. While you visiting Seminyak area in this hot weather, you can pamper yourself in their area to enjoy a variety of favorite ice cream dish. Here we got you covered a tasty gelato, frozen yogurt, and ice cream joints as we mapped out the best dessert place to visit, including how to get there! And we are not responsible for any diet failure.


What to expect in XOXO? We love ice cream and also Teppanyaki, but who have thought that Ice cream and Teppanyaki would go well alongside one another. The rolled ice cream was an originated treat in Thailand, eventually getting in New York and all of those other parts in the U.S. It appears similar to burritos, the rolls tucked into bowls and topped with various goodies like fruit, green tea, coffee. It’s interesting to watch how they roll-up ice cream and make it so presentable and was delicious too!

What the best to try? There is 15 flavor that you can choose from. There is matcha, blueberry, banana, strawberry flavor. If you are a chocoholic, we gonna recommend you “The Golden Ticket” flavor. Same as its name, it’s a golden ticket to happiness, definitely lives up to expectations, not to mention the toasted Nuttela brownie. Or if you want take it a little sweet maybe you can try another like “La La Land”, it uses white chocolate and salted caramel. For the Instagrammers out there, there is a photo booth next to the shop you can take a photo while enjoying your ice cream.

How to get here? Located in Seminyak Village, next to our ticket booth. You can use our Kura-Kura Bus to get here. From DFS Kura-Kura Bus Bay it takes 35 minutes, you also can find XOXO store in Beachwalk Shopping Centre – This also one of our Bus Stop in Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3.

Price : IDR 65,000/flavour

Frozen Yogi

What to expect in Frozen Yogi? Who loves yogurt, If so, this the best place for you. The fun experience is because Frozen yogi uses the self-service concept, you can mix your portion of yogurt base ice creams and lots of flavors and top with fresh fruits as the icing. So you could make your experiment with your yogurt. Do I need to say that the yogurt is fat-free? There are 8 kinds of the flavor of frozen yogurt; vanilla, green tea, chocolate, papaya, plain, strawberry, blueberry, cookie & cream. If you are thirsty, there is strawberry-lime infused water and it’s free.

What the best to try? Okay, so first we have to pick up the cup for the yogurt and choose the flavor you want. For yogurt, I usually order it plain with full cookie dough and some fresh fruit on top of it -did you see the yogurt?. The yogurt is truly amazing and delicious. So the best I can recommend to you is to make your experiment with the topping. Plain with fresh fruit is very good with your body, or if you happen to do want to cheat to your body, you can use all chocolate topping in your yogurt.

How to get here? It only takes 1 minute walking from Seminyak Village. You can use our Kura-Kura Bus to get here. From DFS Kura-Kura Bus Bay it takes 35 minutes, you also can find Frozen Yogi in Ubud (Jl. Dewi Sita) takes 8 minutes walking from Museum Puri Lukisan Museum (Line 5).

Price: The price is selling by weight : (Rp. 22,000 /100g + 10%tax)

Mad Pops

What to expect in Mad Pops? Ice Ice Baby, the famous neon sign you see in Mad Pops. Plant-based ice-cream shop in Seminyak selling coconut-based vegan ice cream and popsicles made using local ingredients. So vegan ice cream and Instagrammable place, need I say more?

What the best to try? Highly recommend the salted caramel – we also try matcha flavor. The salted was quite creamy and had a great flavor too since at Mad Pops had a coconut base, you will be expected the taste will a little bit different with gelatos/sorbet as usual. For toppings, we loved the freeze-dried pineapple and strawberry!

How to get here? It only takes 4 minutes walking from Seminyak Village. You can use our Kura-Kura Bus to get here. From DFS Kura-Kura Bus Bay it takes 35 minutes.

Price : IDR 35,000/scoop

Kinjo Kakigori

What to expect in Kinjo Kakigori? Kakigori was created in the 11th Century for the Japanese nobility. It is created by shaving ice into fine, smooth flakes like snow, that are delicately stacked into a pile in Masu (measuring cup) and topped with fine ingredients, like syrup. The result is a treat that is both refreshing and rich, as well as satisfying. Very popular in Japan especially during summer festivals. Kinjo Kakigori is a fusion of Japanese traditional and modern styles. If you love slush puppies, then you’re certainly going to love Kakigori

What the best to try? There are 4 unique flavors Yuzu-Honey, Miso-Caramel, Strawberry Short Cake and Rosera. But our recommendation is their new flavor, Choco Banana, love the mix of sweet of the chocolate and banana, and also preparation of the brain freeze attack.

How to get here? From Seminyak Village Bus Stop it take 23 minutes to walk.

Price : IDR 45,000

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