5 Alasan Kenapa Kamu Harus Booking Hotel di Kura Kura Hotel.

 1.  Pilihan Hotel Berkualitas Melakukan pemesanan di Kura Kura Hotel akan mempermudah proses pemilihan hotel untuk liburanmu. Hal ini di karenakan setiap hotel yang ada di dalam grup Kura Kura Hotel adalah hotel yang pilihan dari hotel meister di Bali. Pelayanan berkualitas yang telah memenuhi standar protokol kesehatan juga tentunya. 2. Pelayanan Customer Services Cepat Jika kamu menggunakan jasa online travel agent biasanya untuk bisa mendapatkan pelayan customer services membutuhkan waktu setidaknya 1×24 jam. Kondisi ini tidak akan terjadi jika kamu menggunakan jasa Kura Kura Hotel. Kura kura hotel customer services akan merespon berbagi permintaanmu secara cepat dan fleksibel.  Kura kura hotel dapat dengan mudah mengakomidir setiap permintaanmu seperti perjalanan pelajar, grup rombongan seperti perjalanan belajar, perjalanan keluarga yang […]

Nikmati Kenyamanan Libur Lebaranmu di Kuta Bersama Kura Kura Hotel

Libur lebaran sebentar lagi nih! Kalau bicara libur di Bali pasti Kuta adalah daerah yang paling dipadati oleh wisatawan. Sebelum pandemi, kalian pasti tahu bahwa Kuta terkenal dengan kawasan yang hidup tanpa mengenal waktu. Mulai dari pagi hingga malam hari ada beragam jenis aktivitas yang bisa kita lakukan di Kuta. Mulai dari jalan santai dipinggir pantai, surfing, hingga clubbing. Akan tetapi selama masa Pandemi memang agak sedikit berbeda. Kuta memang tidak seramai dulu. Berikut ini ada beberapa hotel terbaik yang bisa kamu jadikan untuk tempat libur lebaranmu bersama keluarga. BALI MANDIRA BEACH RESORT & SPA Bali Mandira Beach Resort & SPA adalah resort yang berlokasi dekat dengan pantai. Salah satu fasilitas menarik dari Bali Mandira Beach Resort & SPA  adalah adanya fasilitas surfing gratis. Tidak hanya […]

Bali Situation – Seminyak (Raya Seminyak Street)

As we know, Seminyak is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali. Apart from being famous for its beautiful beaches, the Seminyak area is also renowned complete with various facilities such as hotels, spas, restaurants, bars, cafes and shops along the road.If you have been to Seminyak before, you will feel the oddity of the current situation in Seminyak. An area that is usually always crowded with local and foreign tourists, but during this pandemic, the Seminyak area looks very quiet. It’s unfortunate, the street seems so deserted, and only a few tourists can be seen.This photo was taken in October 2020. There are several shops along Jalan […]

Flatten the curve together against COVID-19 in Bali

Due to (COVID-19) spread worldwide, Indonesia, especially  Bali government, has taken further measures to flatten the curve to contain its range of spread. The “curve” refers to the projected number of people who will transmitted COVID-19 over a while. The curve takes on different range, depending on the virus infection rate in every region.  A flatter curve assumes the same number of people ultimately get infected, but over a more extended period. And we really need to understand that if we want to flatten the curve and get through of this pandemic, everyone needs to do their part. Current situation in Bali As of 6:00pm on 21 April 2020, there […]

New Edition Guides & Map Vol.34

The New Edition of our magazine was already available. For the new edition, there is change, before our magazine is called Coupon & Map, now the magazine becomes Guides & Maps. It’s got a further Kura-Kura Bus information, travel guide, and map. Kura-Kura Guides & Map is a travel guide that keeps reminding you of the beauty of Balinese culture. Here’s a sneak look inside : COVID-19 Update – Kura-Kura Bus First up, new updates for Kura-Kura Bus. To ensure we are taking all steps to possible to minimize the risk on board our services regarding COVID-19. Kura-Kura Bus is suspended starting from 22 March until 22 April 2020. For […]

Kura-Kura Bus Guide : Tickets

Did you know Kura-Kura Bus has 3 types of tickets? Do you know the difference? Kura-Kura Bus offers various types of tickets that you can use while traveling in Bali. Unfortunately, it can be confused when choosing it. To resolve your confusion, We will explain to you each type of Kura-Kura Bus ticket, so you know which one is the right for you! Single Trip Ticket First, before traveling using Kura-Kura Bus you must know that you can choose between buying a Single Trip ticket or buying Daypass pass for multiple trips. The difference is for a single trip ticket only  for a single trip in the direction of the destination. It’s ideal […]

Arrived at Miyakazi Airport

2019 ISA World Surfing Games

MIYAZAKI JAPAN SEP 7-15 ISA Word Surfing Game is held every year.This year’s ISA was a special game for all surfers because it was one of the qualifying competitions for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which gathered top surfers from all around the world.Competing in the Olympics is one of my biggest dreams and I was very excited for this specific event. 《The Process of getting qualified for the Tokyo Olympics》This website contains a detailed information on the Tokyo Olympics qualification. Please take a read if you are interested. In order for me to be qualified for an Indonesian representative in the Olympic games, I had to win against all other […]

LXXY Bali Kura-Kura Bus Stop

5 New Kura – Kura Bus Stop : Oktober 2019

We’re happy to announce that from 1st October 2019, we have five new bus stops in Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, and Ubud. Read more below for detail : Nanamy Art Shop & Luwak Coffee Nanamy Art Shop & Luwak Coffee is one of many shopping places for foreigners and domestic tourists to look for Bali’s souvenir. Here, you can find anything starting from paintings, t-shirts, snacks, accessories, Bali’s sarong and many more. Besides shopping, the Nanamy Artshop & Luwak Coffee also has a well-known “Kopi Luwak” café which is located in front of the store. A green-concept café is a perfect place for those of you who want to relax from […]

Almost Get Olimpiade Tickets, Rio Waida Has Developed Surf Indonesia

Only 2 Asian surfers left, including Rio Waida who had the opportunity to get tickets to compete in the 2020 Olympics. Victory is really in front of the eyes, but it seems fate said otherwise, Rio must be very thin to lose with his opponents in the 10th Round of Repenchage. Imagine, so much heat that Rio has passed and he won at the ISA World Surfing Games, and only 4 rounds left the victory turned out that Rio had to accept this bitter truth. Not only Rio must accept this reality, but all supporters of the Indonesian Team must also, of course, accept this reality and feel the deep […]


Qualifying for Olympic Tokyo 2020 Taking place September 7-15 in Miyazaki, Japan, the event will unite 240 athletes to pursue their dreams of qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The top eligible man and woman from Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania will earn a slot at Surfing’s Olympic debut. The ISA has crafted a qualification process with approval from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Surfing’s Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, ensuring the participation of the world’s best professional surfers as well as promoting universal opportunities for surfers from around the world at the Games. Rio Waida participated in this event as a representative from Indonesia. The Indonesian team consists […]