Things You Need To Know When You Stay in Bali During Nyepi

I think some of you already know that March 25th is Nyepi Day. On this sacred day, Hindus will do a Catur Brata Penyepian or four abstinence, i.e. Amati Karya (no working), Amati Lelungan (no traveling), Amati Geni (no fire or light), and Amati Lelanguan (no having fun). Nyepi in Bali has its impression for tourists. The streets will be quiet, and at night it will be pitch dark because there is no light. Usually, before celebrating Nyepi there will be some traditional activities that you can enjoy. For example Melasti activities and Ogoh-ogoh parade activities. Ogoh Ogoh Parade is highly expected by the Balinese themselves and tourists. Ogoh-Ogoh is […]

Bali Events Calendar 2020 : March

For anyone planning on visiting Bali, consider coming around this particular time of year for an insight into the beautiful local culture. Melasti 21-23 March 2020 Melasti is one of Hindu religious ceremony which will be done 2 to 4 days before Nyepi. This is a part of self-purification conducted by Balinese Hindus before Bali New Year. The ritual also purifies the sacred objects or all religious tools (Pratima). From 21-23 March you will see Balinese women will carry offering that made from cake, fruits, and flower while the men will carry sacred object or Pratima accompanied by a particular umbrella which is called as “Tedung” heading to rivers, lakes, or beaches. […]


Bali Events Calendar : February 2020

Following on from our blog post series, in this month we will provide information and important events happening in and around Bali during the month of February 2020. Galungan – 19 February 2020   A good indication that its Galungan time of year is the long bamboo that can be seen lining the streets. These are usually decorated with fruit, coconut leaves, and flowers, and a small altar containing woven palm-leaf offerings for the spirits is also placed at the entrance of each home especially for the holiday. Galungan is one of the most important religious ceremonies in Bali, held every 210 days according to the Balinese calendar, it’s when […]

How You Can Enjoy the Festive Chinese New Year Day in Bali

Chinese New Year in Bali takes place on 25th January 2020. This special holiday is celebrated mostly by the Balinese of Chinese descent as well as by most Chinese Indonesians across the nation. Although predominantly a Hindu Island, Balinese also welcomes the Chinese New Year joyfully. Even we don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, but we are very excited to watch the Chinese New Year Celebration in Bali. These 3 recommendations to enjoy the Lunar New Year in Bali. Experience the Celebration at some Klenteng in Bali Various temples called “klenteng“, are frequented by Chinese Balinese on this day. Honestly, I can’t recommend specific klenteng that you should come. It’s because […]

Havaianas Launches Exclusive Local Soul Collection; Bali by Monez at Tropicola

We all definitely have a favorite destination for the summer; maybe it could be a big city, a small seaside village or a surfing paradise, which has always been a place that provides an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. Places that will always have a special space in our hearts where just thinking about it will clearly remember the pleasant and exciting summer memory. In the Local Soul collection, Havaianas celebrates the places where the word SUMMER is spelled in capital letters. A place with a unique lifestyle that makes everyone excited to celebrate summer. Bali is one of the famous summer destinations for thousands of tourists. With […]

It’s Time For Bali Kite Festival!

Have you heard about Bali Kites Festival? [Bali Kites Festival. Image via] One of the most awaited festivals by youth groups in Bali. This event takes place around July-August when the wind starts blowing in Bali. Dozens of kites laying groups competed and were invited from all over the island of Bali to join the festival. Not only local teams from Bali but also the international teams join the festival. Its held not only for kites competition but also for send message to the Hindu Gods to give the blessings of an abundant harvest The festival is held in several locations on the island of Bali, but the biggest […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Come to Bali Art Festival

The 41st edition of the annual Bali Arts Festival will take place from June 15 to July 13 at The Bali Art Centre in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali province. Image via The Lokha Ubud Bali Arts Festival brings “Bayu Pramana, Memuliakan Sumber Daya Angin” as the main theme. “Bayu pramana” which means: breathe of life. The concept of Bayu pramana comes from two words namely “Bayu” and “Pramana”. Bayu means wind while pramana means strength. Bayu pramana means the Power of Breath of Life, the most vital energy that lives and controls everything. The meaning is transformed into a theme and wind element that can make a work […]

Where to Dine Out for Easter Brunch in Bali 2019

Have you ever considered to celebrate Easter Sunday in Bali? With this year the Easter holiday is coming, many of us have geared up to celebrate a holiday in Bali. There is no more perfect idea to celebrate Easter than having brunch with your loved one – or some friends. Here are our pick : Easter Sunday Brunch at Tugu Hotel This Easter Break, Tugu Hotels inviting you to join Tugu Special Easter Brunch special for you and little ones around Tugu lush tropical garden. Tugu’s special brunch gets an Easter touch with traditional Easter delicacies and special desserts while the kids enjoy their own special entertainment, from egg hunting […]

Bali Events Calendar 2019

Photo by Horvath Mark on Unsplash One of the best things about going on holiday in Bali is, you can find interesting events and ceremonies wherever you go. For the tourist, this is one of the highlights of their trip. The highlight that offers a unique insight into the local culture. Religious ceremonies are based on the Balinese calendar which rotates every 210 days. Much time is spent to preparing offerings for all the various ceremonies that take place throughout the year. On this page, you can find various events and ceremonies that will taking place each month in Bali. Hopefully, on or more events will be happening during your […]

Kura-Kura Bus & Nyepi 2015

This year, Bali’s Nyepi (Day of Silence) falls on Saturday 21 March. Nyepi is a public holiday in Indonesia, and in Bali the entire island shuts down for 24 hours. From 6 am until 6 am the following day, no-one is allowed outside of their homes, there are no cars or bikes on the roads and even the airport is closed. The day before Nyepi, the main street of villages are closed and parades are held. Statues made of bamboo and paper known as ogoh-ogoh are carried through the village and then later burned. For this reason, Kura-Kura Bus will not be operating on 20 & 21 March 2015. All […]