3 NEW Kura Kura Bus Stops: Bakso Boedjangan, Bali Wake Park, and Carrefour!

We’re excited to announce the addition of 3 new bus stops, starting from 01 October 2018. Read more below for more details! Bakso Boedjangan Bakso or the Indonesian meatball is a well known, all time favorite dish in Indonesia. It is regarded as a comfort food for many Indonesians, suitable anytime, anywhere. Bakso Boedjangan brings new innovations to the way people enjoy bakso by creating variety of bakso stuffings (minced wagyu beef, cheese sauce, spices, etc). Bakso Boedjangan has 5 bakso and 3 phenomenal choices of broth. The bakso are big in size, with a variety of stuffing such as: mozzarella cheese, minced beef tendon, minced wagyu beef, cheese sauce, and chilli … Read more

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