Havaianas Launches Exclusive Local Soul Collection; Bali by Monez at Tropicola

We all definitely have a favorite destination for the summer; maybe it could be a big city, a small seaside village or a surfing paradise, which has always been a place that provides an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. Places that will always have a special space in our hearts where just thinking about it will clearly remember the pleasant and exciting summer memory. In the Local Soul collection, Havaianas celebrates the places where the word SUMMER is spelled in capital letters. A place with a unique lifestyle that makes everyone excited to celebrate summer. Bali is one of the famous summer destinations for thousands of tourists. With […]


Qualifying for Olympic Tokyo 2020 Taking place September 7-15 in Miyazaki, Japan, the event will unite 240 athletes to pursue their dreams of qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The top eligible man and woman from Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania will earn a slot at Surfing’s Olympic debut. The ISA has crafted a qualification process with approval from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Surfing’s Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, ensuring the participation of the world’s best professional surfers as well as promoting universal opportunities for surfers from around the world at the Games. Rio Waida participated in this event as a representative from Indonesia. The Indonesian team consists […]

New Kura-Kura Bus Mobile App

As part of an effort to improve customer experience, Kura-Kura Bus is proud to launch a new version of the Kura-Kura Mobile Application. Available for free download on the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android), The improved Kura-Kura Bus Mobile App includes a range of new features that enhance the customer experience and make the bus travel with Kura-Kura Bus easier than ever. Overview As part of the enhancements, the app will feature a new home screen, bus information, information about the Kura-Kura bus stop plus the upcoming bus, live information is included allowing you to get new user experience and provide visual consistency and ease of navigation. The […]

YES! Bali is Still Safe!

Indonesia’s Mount Agung volcano on the island of Bali erupted again on Wednesday 11 July 2018, sending a grey-black plume of volcanic ash and steam at least 1,500m into the skies. During this month, Mount Agung is already often experiencing an eruption. However, for those of you who have a planning to visit Bali in the near future, do not be afraid! Because the main destinations of Bali island such as Kuta and Ubud are quite far from Mount Agung and remain unaffected until now! Mount Agung danger zone area is within a radius of 9 kilometers to 12 kilometers, while the main destinations of Bali island such as Kuta […]

Kura Kura Bus Awarded TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the Second Time

We are pleased to announce that travel website TripAdvisor has awarded a 2018 Certificate of Excellence to Kura Kura Bus. This is our second awards (first award in 2016), so we’re sending out a big thank you to our customers for giving us such great reviews. TripAdvisor, the world’s biggest travel website, created its Certificate of Excellence seven years ago to acknowledge businesses with consistently great reviews. This year’s winners represent every sector of tourism, from day cruises to hotels, restaurants to theme parks, boutiques to shopping malls, and more. The award is especially relevant today, as most travelers rely on the Internet to make their decisions about where to […]

Meet New Friends, New Experience with Baliventure by Kura Kura Bus

As world’s best resort island, Bali offers unforgettable vacation and experiences that will last a lifetime. Bali has unique culture and history that’s been passed on for many generations, fantastic marine life and water activities, great hospitality, and services such as massages/spa, and also boasted in a warm tropical climate. Every year, tourist comes from all over the world to visit Bali. Not only to see beautiful tropical beaches, they also want to experience local culture and visit ancient temples and get to know first hand of the spirituality of the local people. Baliventure offers those trips. Baliventure will invite you to interact with people with different nationality and background […]

E-Booth: Kura Kura Bus

Kura Kura Bus presents our new online ticket booths, which are called “E-Booth”. We develop our partnership with OTA to approach our customer closely and broadly. With this marketplace partnership, we hope can be reached by our customer to your customer. As Kura-Kura’s Bus stop partner, we really appreciate with all your supports and existence. Kura-Kura bus will continue to improve the quality and wider range for the convenience of the tourists in planning their vacation. Under of the great people in Kura Kura big team, we will always be number one of the first shuttle bus in Bali. To see our e-booth you can check it here:

Kura Kura Bus Represent The Best Bali Driver Election Of National Level

Celebrating the anniversary of the Department of Transportation on Sept. 17, there will be representatives of each province to follow the competition of best driver/ Awak Kendaraan Umum Teladan (AKUT) at the national level. This year is the first year for Kura Kura Bus following the annual contest held by the transportation department. However, on this first year, Kura Kura Bus Driver on behalf of “I Made Santiasa”, can bring home a trophy and certificate of merit for 1st winner as best driver at the Bali province level. Province of Bali itself has done in several stages of selection are very rigorous and competitive. Category participants of best driver selections […]

Kura Kura Bus Gets A Certificate Of Excellence From Tripadvisor

For the trust of all travelers who actively and objectively assess the Kura Kura Bus in providing services. Kura Kura Bus has achieved the great scores from travelers, consistently and actively on Tripadvisor platform. As we knew before, TripAdvisor, Inc. is an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums. We also communicate with the traveler who has been delivering score and feedback to our services. We thankful for those who have supported Kura Kura Bus until now. Along with our motto, we will always give “Valuable Travel Experience”.

PandaTrip official partner of Kura-Kura Bus

Hey Travelers!, We all know English is one of the most popular language used in the world, but in hospitality industries we understand that not all of travelers good in English. We understand that, and because of that we are glad to announce that now Kura-Kura Bus integrated with Panda Trip. Panda trip can help our Chinese friend to use Kura-Kura Bus in their apps through WeChat which is very popular in china. So our Chinese friend no need to worry again about language problem when travel in Bali. Panda Trip/Shuttle Bus is the trip which helps Chinese people who don’t understand communicating with English can do Bali trip. Panda […]