Promo Hotel di Nusa Dua Special Libur Lebaran 2021

Liburan Tahun Baru Imlek dan Nyepi sudah berlalu. Jika belum sempat liburan di awal tahun, sebentar lagi kita akan memasuki Liburan Idul Fitri, Tentunya akan banyak promo-promo hotel menarik dari Kura-Kura Hotel. Sekarang bisa jadi kesempatan untuk menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga di Bali. Bali walaupun di masa pandemi ini masih tetap menjadi daya tarik untuk kita berlibur. Suasana yang nyaman dan tempat wisata yang masih tetap indah dan memanjakan mata. Kawasan yang kita pilih adalah Nusa Dua, salah satu kawasan elit dan strategis di Bali, yang menawarkan fasilitas lengkap dan tentunya aman dan nyaman. Yuk cek beberapa rekomendasi Promo Hotel Lebaran dari Hotel Meister Kura-Kura Hotel untuk area Nusa Dua. […]

How You Can Enjoy the Festive Chinese New Year Day in Bali

Chinese New Year in Bali takes place on 25th January 2020. This special holiday is celebrated mostly by the Balinese of Chinese descent as well as by most Chinese Indonesians across the nation. Although predominantly a Hindu Island, Balinese also welcomes the Chinese New Year joyfully. Even we don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, but we are very excited to watch the Chinese New Year Celebration in Bali. These 3 recommendations to enjoy the Lunar New Year in Bali. Experience the Celebration at some Klenteng in Bali Various temples called “klenteng“, are frequented by Chinese Balinese on this day. Honestly, I can’t recommend specific klenteng that you should come. It’s because […]

30+ Best Places to Visit in Bali with Kura-Kura Bus

Explore Bali in a more unique way by taking the Kura-Kura Bus, a public shuttle bus service that connects popular tourist areas in Bali. Hop on one of our bright and cheerful buses and either travel in the area you’re in, or go somewhere different by changing lines at our main hub at DFS Bus Bay in Kuta. From the center of art and cultures in Bali, to a fishing village which is known with the sea food culinary in Jimbaran, then to enchanting beaches in Nusa Dua and finally to iconic beach for stunning sunset in Kuta, there’s a lot to explore in beatiful Bali. Can’t find the nearest […]

Things to Do in Kura Kura Bus Stop Line 1

Many people ask, what tourist attractions they can visit when using Line 1 of Kura Kura Shuttle Bus. Not a few people even think that they can only enjoy Nusa Dua beach on line 1. It’s totally wrong! In this blog you will find a number of recommendations for activities that you can do when using the Line 1 of Kura Kura Shuttle Bus. Bali Wake Park Bus Stop The first bus stop for line 1 is at Bali Wake Park. This bus stop is right in front of Bali Wake Park. Bali Wake Park is the island’s first and only wake park venue in Bali. They provide some water […]

Rock Bar in Jimbaran

Thing To Do In Kura Kura Bus Stop – Line 2

When you mention the fun area in Bali with Kura-Kura bus, most people generally think about areas such as Line 3 (Kuta & Legian), Line 4 (Seminyak) & Line 5 (Ubud). But no one really recognizes Line 2 (Jimbaran) the area as a place where you go to for some fun. Line 2 covers an area of Jimbaran Beach and the famous Jimbaran Bay is located on the southwest coast of Bali. The beach is part of the isthmus that connects the mainland of Bali and the Bukit Peninsula. Jimbaran beach and bay offer small affordable areas. The tranquility and peace that you find here may be perfect for you. […]

3 New Kura-Kura Bus Stops : Transmart Carrefour / Trans Studio Mall Bali, Havaianas, Ayodya Resort Bali

We have an exciting update for those who have been waiting patiently for news about Kura-Kura Bus. We’re happy to announce that from 1st April 2019, we have three new bus stop in Kuta, Denpasar and Nusa Dua area. These three new bus stops all ideal for you to shopping or relaxing on the beach. Read more below for detail : Transmart Carrefour / Trans Studio Mall Bali Transmart Carrefour / Trans Studio Mall Bali Bus Stop is located on Jl. Imam Bonjol, Pemecutan Kelod, Denpasar. Successfully opened in several major cities in Indonesia, Trans Studio Mall Bali finally opened. Having more than 50 tenants, Trans Studio Mall Bali is […]

2 New Kura-Kura Bus Stops : Blow Bar & Fifteen And 8 Coffee

It’s a new year and we’re happy to announce a new bus stop to our  Legian line, Jimbaran Line and Nusa Dua Line ! Read more below for more details! BLOW BAR Blow Bar is now the first stop in Legian Line after DFS Bus Bay, and is located on Jl. Kayu Aya which is a culinary tourism in the area of seminyak and a walk along Jl. Oberoi (“Eat Street”) will satisfy most gourmet-lovers’ tastes. Bali Blow Bar is the first Blow Bar of its kind in Bali, it comes with a purpose designed bar in the upscale suburb of Seminyak on the Oberoi Road strip (directly behind the […]

2 New Kura-Kura Bus Stops : Grand Hyatt & Ayodya Resort Bali

We’re excited to announce the addition of 2 new bus stops, starting from 18 April 2016. Read more below for more details! Grand Hyatt Bali The Grand Hyatt is one of Bali’s largest luxury resorts. This is located in the heart of Nusa Dua, just five minutes’ walk from Bali Collection shopping complex. Bali Collection is home to department stores like Centro and SOGO, designer botiques, restaurants and cafes, and popular stores including Surfer Girl and Body & Soul.     The fare for the Nusa Dua Line  is Rp. 50,000 per person for a single trip, and children 2 years and under (using the same seat as an adult) can travel free of charge. Ayodya Resort Bali […]

Nusa Dua Line Now Open

We have an exciting update for those who have been waiting patiently for news about Kura-Kura Bus in Nusa Dua. We’re happy to announce that the Nusa Dua Line is now open! There are two bus stops along this line, both ideal for shopping and relaxing on the beach. The line begins at our hub, located at DFS Bus Bay in Kuta. This is where all bus lines (excl. Seminyak Line) connect. From DFS Bus Bay, the bus continues along Jl. ByPass Ngurah Rai to the premier resort area of Nusa Dua. The bus enters the BTDC gated complex and first stops at Grand Hyatt hotel. You can get off […]

Kura-Kura Bus & Bon Odori 2014

The 24th annual Bon Odori Bali Festival will be held on Saturday, 6 September 2014. This fun event has been running since 1990, and is organized by the Bali Japan Club. There are many Japanese expats living in Bali and multi-cultural marriages between Japanese and Balinese are common. Bon Odori is a Japanese Summer Festival that celebrates the Japanese culture through traditional dance, games and food. Most women also usually wear a Yukata, the traditional summer kimono, to the festival.   This year the venue for the festival is the 5 Star Ayodya Resort in Nusa Dua. Located directly on the beachfront, the Ayodya is one of the longer established […]