It’s Time For Bali Kite Festival!

Have you heard about Bali Kites Festival?


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One of the most awaited festivals by youth groups in Bali. This event takes place around July-August when the wind starts blowing in Bali. Dozens of kites laying groups competed and were invited from all over the island of Bali to join the festival. Not only local teams from Bali but also the international teams join the festival. Its held not only for kites competition but also for send message to the Hindu Gods to give the blessings of an abundant harvest The festival is held in several locations on the island of Bali, but the biggest events is usually held in the Padang Galak beach area.


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Giant traditional kites are made and flown in competitions between teams from the “Sekaa Truna Banjar” or Balinese youth organization in Bali. Basically, in one group there will be 15-20 person depending on the size of their kites and their category. They also bring their gamelan orchestra to add to the excitement of the dramatic take-off. If you are on the road meet a truck full of young people carrying a big kite, then surely they will attend the Bali Kite Festival.


[Kites on the truck. Image via Instagram @senipemudabali]

Traditional Balinese kites hung giant, hanging up to 4 meters and 10 meters high. The Bebean type is the most common design with traditional lines of fish. Despite no dihedral, the form of the sail plus the wide ribbon tail on each side are sufficient to keep it stable. This is the ‘giant kite’ common in Bali that is captured by the sky.


[Bebean kites. image via Pinterest]

Some other versions, such as the “Jangan” type, have a flowing ribbon tail. Jangan is rather round bird, with shorter and rounder wings. Their long ribbon tails are also often curved tail which often reaches a length of 100 meters or more. Together they were built in the halls of “Banjar”, the young men prepared, supervised by trained elders, to make the bamboo framework which they worked for weeks until the main event.


[Jangan kites. Image via Tropical Studio / Shutterstock]

Kite games in Bali, especially in the Denpasar area are like a tradition, during the windy season, when the sky is clear and the wind blows well, the sky above the city is filled with various models of kites with various shapes. Bali Kite Festival is very dependent on weather conditions, you have to check the exact date of the event.

How to get there?

This festival is located in Padang Galak Beach, that’s near Sanur Beach area. You can use our Charter Car Services, from Kuta area it only takes 37 minutes to get there. Enjoy your trip with a private driver and car from us. 🙂

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