New Kura-Kura Bus Stop : DMZ 3D Trick Art

It’s a new year and we’re happy to announce a new bus stop to our popular Legian Line! DMZ 3D Trick Art is now the first stop after DFS Bus Bay, and is located on Jl. Nakula near Sunset Star McDonalds. DMZ is an awesome 3D trick art museum featuring life-size, three-dimensional murals for visitors to pose and have pictures taken against. Featuring over 120 unique artworks spread over three floors, the museum is divided into 14 fun themes or zones, namely Contemporary, Egypt, Aquarium, Safari, Renaissance, 18+ Area, Sport, Indonesia, Dream Park, Big & Small, Venice, Korean Pavilion, Luminescence Zone & Jurassic Park. DMZ is open Monday to Sunday  … Read more

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