Things To Do at The Sanur Village Festival!

Sanur Village Festival is the awaited event. This event held on August 21st – 25th, 2019 at Matahari Terbit Beach, Sanur Bali. It’s a comprehensive celebration of spanning for five days with various socio-cultural sub-events. From music shows to the food festival. There are more than a dozen activities for visitors to participate. Some activities have also been carried out first such as the Sanur International Kite Festival which was attended by participants from 26 countries, cultural dialogue presented 4 speakers and a photo exhibition by 31 photographers who all responded to the theme of bamboo.


Here are some things you can do at the Sanur Village Festival.

Following the Sanur Cycling Tour

At Sanur Festival the first thing you can try to do is take the Sanur Cycling Tour. Here you are provided time and also bicycles to enjoy a tour around the village. You don’t need to worry about getting lost because the committee will guide this tour. Enjoying Sanur will be more impressed and of course, the bikers will get interesting experiences during the program. When the cycling tour is carried out in the morning around 8 in the morning until noon and then continued in the afternoon.


Join Yoga Mass Workshop

If you can’t ride a bicycle, you can take part in the Yoga Mass Workshop. Enjoying the morning of Sanur Beach will be more impressed if you participate in doing yoga movements. The yoga mass is organized by no other than Sanur’s yoga community, Seger Oger. This joint yoga activity that will take place at Sanur’s Karang Beach will take place from 7 am to finish. You just come and do not forget to bring a mat for yoga in the form of a mattress or other. You will be guided by experienced yoga instructors to follow each movement. It is free to join this healthy activity. So don’t miss the opportunity.

mass-yoga-sanur-village-festival-01 mass-yoga-sanur-village-festival

Witness Jukung Show and Competition

The traditional fishing boat “Jukung” is not a strange sight along the shoreline of Sanur. This is because Sanur by essence is a fishing community. The most awaited event for Sanur Festival visitors and tourists in the festival’s jukung series is the jukung race. More than 50 jukung take part in the championship. Race procession that begins with the opening accompanied by baleganjur and preparation for the start to go will certainly be very interesting and amazing. The colorful screen plus the joyous enthusiasm of the Sanur fishing groups will certainly conjure up the more exotic Sanur Beach.

sanur-village-festival-jukung-show-01 sanur-village-festival-jukung-show-02

Enjoy Music & Culture Show in Sanur Village Festival

For those of you who have never enjoyed the traditional Balinese cultural performances and the archipelago mingled with a variety of genres of modern music, maybe you should visit the Sanur Village Festival. A one-day event for five full days on August 21-25, 2019 will certainly spoil your pleasure without having to go anywhere while in Sanur.

The main stage of Sanur Village Festival hosts types of performances. While enjoying the sea breeze, get entertained by musicians of various genres. From jazz to the occasional pop music, the stage caters everyone’s taste of music. Apart from local Bali musicians, the organizer also invites singers and musicians from Jakarta. Is among the must-watch for the culture night.

music-show-sanur-village-festival cultural-show-sanur-village-festival

Hunting Food at the Food Festival and Bazaar

Always visited by thousands of visitors annually, so you can’t miss this Food Festival and Bazaar. Food Festival is one of the most popular events at Sanur Village Festival. Get excitingly confused by stalls after stalls offering delicacies of all kinds. Satisfy the palate with menus offered by popular restaurants around Sanur. The menu ranges from Indonesian food to international choices. Many 5-stars restaurants open a booth here. Offering you a chance to try on their menu at a lower price than usual pricing.


Do Beach Clean Up, Tree Planting, & Eco-Friendly Activities

The last activity that you can do is take apart to environmental action program. Through activities to preserve the environment Sanur Village Festival held a series of activities including beach cleanups, environmental education, coral reef conservation, planting mangrove trees, rare trees, and coconuts, releasing hatchlings, garbage processing, environmental exhibitions, and various earth-saving campaigns.

This environmental action program takes place during the Sanur Village Festival event. You can directly participate. For planting coral reefs, the committee prepares to plant media that is ready for planting. Located in the Puri Santrian Hotel, you also can directly participate in planting coral reefs off the coast. It’s also one of the most popular, from little children to adults are eager to come and watch. So do not forget to participate!

beach-clean-up-sanur-village-festival releasing-hatchlings-sanur-village-festival


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