Updated Ticket Prices Pura Lempuyang : March 2024

Lempuyang Temple Tour

Bali, Indonesia – Pura Lempuyang, one of Bali’s most sacred temples, has seen a dramatic drop in visitor numbers. Recent figures reveal a 50% decrease, plunging from nearly 1000 daily visitors to just 500. The exact cause of this decline remains a mystery, but it interestingly precedes the implementation of new entrance fees set by the Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 8 of 2023 on Regional Taxes and Retribution.

Launching in March 2024, the new tariff will charge 30,000 Rupiah for domestic tourists and 55,000 Rupiah for international visitors. Nevertheless, despite the downturn in foot traffic, this move aims to ensure the maintenance and preservation of the temple, as well as to enhance the tourism infrastructure in the area.

Lempuyang Temple

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Pura Lempuyang, famed for its stunning vistas, including the ‘Gateway to Heaven’ and Mount Agung, remains a top Bali destination. This tariff adjustment aims to enhance the temple’s upkeep and improve future visitor experiences.

Authorities plan to channel the revenue from these new entrance fees into improving tourist experiences, including upgrading public facilities and cultural preservation programs. This initiative hopes to bolster efforts in preserving and developing Bali’s tourism, ensuring the beauty and sanctity of Pura Lempuyang can be enjoyed by future generations.

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