2 New Kura-Kura Bus Stops : Blow Bar & Fifteen And 8 Coffee

It’s a new year and we’re happy to announce a new bus stop to our  Legian line, Jimbaran Line and Nusa Dua Line !

Read more below for more details!


Blow Bar is now the first stop in Legian Line after DFS Bus Bay, and is located on Jl. Kayu Aya which is a culinary tourism in the area of seminyak and a walk along Jl. Oberoi (“Eat Street”) will satisfy most gourmet-lovers’ tastes.


Bali Blow Bar is the first Blow Bar of its kind in Bali, it comes with a purpose designed bar in the upscale suburb of Seminyak on the Oberoi Road strip (directly behind the fashion store Bamboo Blonde). Blow Bar is what happens when you drop a hair salon into your favorite upmarket bar. It’s an alternative bar that serves hair styles with your spritzers or a martini with your manicure as you perch on a bar stool socializing around a glamorous island bar during the day or night.


The fare for the Legian Line is Rp. 20,000 per person for a single trip, and children 2 years and under (using the same seat as an adult) can travel free of charge.

Fifteen and 8 Coffee

Fifteen &8 Coffee is the first bus stop on the Jimbaran Line and Nusa Dua Line and it’s located on Bypass Ngurah Rai road in Tuban which this road is main road heading South Bali areas. Other than DFS, you can hang out in here while waiting for the bus which heading to Jimbaran routes or Nusa Dua routes.


Not only can enjoy the coffee, at Fifteen &8 Coffee also sells a variety of foods and drinks that can make you feel at home for long. With the American style bar ornaments, of course adds the attractiveness of this restaurant. There are 3 (three) choices of places for you to hang out in here, namely in the main lounge that can enjoying live music, at the lounge bar and at the outdoor seating.


The fare for the Jimbaran Line & Nusa Dua Line  are Rp. 50,000 per person for a single trip, and children 2 years and under (using the same seat as an adult) can travel free of charge.


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