Things to Do in Kura Kura Bus Stop Line 1

Many people ask, what tourist attractions they can visit when using Line 1 of Kura Kura Shuttle Bus. Not a few people even think that they can only enjoy Nusa Dua beach on line 1. It’s totally wrong! In this blog you will find a number of recommendations for activities that you can do when using the Line 1 of Kura Kura Shuttle Bus.


Bali Wake Park Bus Stop

The first bus stop for line 1 is at Bali Wake Park. This bus stop is right in front of Bali Wake Park. Bali Wake Park is the island’s first and only wake park venue in Bali. They provide some water activities which will definitely make your day fun!


There are 2 services that you have to try when visiting this place, namely Cable Park and Aqualand. Cable Park  features state-of-the-art full size cable systems built around a 5-hectare lake with endless ocean views. The main lake has a full size cable system with 8 carriers, allowing up to 8 riders to participate at one time.

kura-kura-bus-bali-wake-park-02 kura-kura-bus-bali-wake-park-03

Aqualand is their latest family centric adventure that both adults and children will love. The aqua park consists of a floating playground with inflatables over 8m high and fantastic obstacles for you to jump over, slide down and run through – think Wipeout, except less embarrassing and more fun!


[Image via Bali Wake Park]

The Bay Bus Stop

Once you are satisfied with playing extreme water facilities, you can fill your empty stomach by visiting the second bus stop, The Bay Bus Stop. This bus stop is near Nusa Dua Beach.

Who doesn’t know Nusa Dua Beach?

This is a popular public beach located within the BTDC complex. Set just behind the Bali Collection shopping center, the beach is open to the public who come to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. There is also a popular surf spot nearby by named “Mushroom Rock“. In addition, there are also restaurants nearby, as well as the unique “Pirates” restaurant. We recommended you to try lunch in Pirates Bay Restaurant.




[image via Pirates Bay Restaurant]

Bus Stop Grand Hyatt

After you finish your lunch, you will want to look for some merchandise or clothes. No worries, you just need to stop at the Grand Hyatt Bus Stop. It’s the next bus stop after The Bay Bus Stop. From the Grand Hyatt Bus Stop, you just need to walk around 9 minutes to reach the popular shopping destination in Nusa Dua.

Yups, it’s Bali Collection.

Offers more than 20 on-site fashion boutiques and also restaurants. Seafood, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, and even Russian food is available all at one location. Loco Café is popular choice for international cuisine. Bali Collection offers a relaxed shopping environment in the peaceful area of Nusa Dua. With supermarkets, fashion boutiques, spas, restaurants, cafes and ATMs, Bali Collection offers all the holidaying visitors in Nusa Dua.


Near Bali Collection, there is also the Pasifika Museum. This large museum is conveniently located next to Bali Collection within the BTDC complex in Nusa Dua. The museum has 11 galleries featuring 600 artworks by 200 artists from 25 countries, including the works of European artists who lived in Bali.


The Bale (Geger Beach)

The last destination that you can visit on the Line 1 is Geger Beach. It’s easy to find Geger Beach with our Bus. You just need to stop at the Sixth Bus Stop, which is The Bale Bus Stop, and you can find Geger Beach easily.


[Image via]

Geger Beach is a hidden little stretch of white sand wedged between the St. Regis and The Mulia resorts. This beach is different with Nusa Dua Beach because this beach is pretty quiet and not many people come to this beach like Nusa Dua Beach. Rent an umbrella and a beach chair and spend the day relaxing and swimming. Grab a bite to eat from one of the local warungs and wash it down with a cold beer.

Know Before You Go!

Don’t forget, before you start your trip, it’s better if you are taking Kura-Kura Coupon & Map or Rurubu Free for a guide map. You can find it at the Airport, Coco Mart, at some restaurants. Also, download the Kura Kura mobile app to see the bus position in real time. You can also buy the Daypass from the mobile app.


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