Thing To Do In Kura Kura Bus Stop – Line 2

Rock Bar in Jimbaran

When you mention the fun area in Bali with Kura-Kura bus, most people generally think about areas such as Line 3 (Kuta & Legian), Line 4 (Seminyak) & Line 5 (Ubud). But no one really recognizes Line 2 (Jimbaran) the area as a place where you go to for some fun.

Jimbaran Beach

Line 2 covers an area of Jimbaran Beach and the famous Jimbaran Bay is located on the southwest coast of Bali. The beach is part of the isthmus that connects the mainland of Bali and the Bukit Peninsula. Jimbaran beach and bay offer small affordable areas. The tranquility and peace that you find here may be perfect for you.

Before we start our trip, we suggest taking our Kura-Kura Coupon & Map or Rurubu Free for a guide map. You can find it, at the Airport, Coco Mart, at some restaurant. Download the Kura Kura mobile app. To see the bus position in real time. You also can buy the Daypass from the mobile app.


But you can buy the tickets on the spot from the driver. Even if you don’t know about Kura-Kura bus line, the driver surely tells you which ticket you want to buy and where will you go.

How to go to Line 2

Start it from DFS, our Bus Bay, you can take a commemorative photo with a cute body of a bus that imaged a turtle.

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Bus Stop – Samasta Movenpick

Kura-Kura Bus Samasta

The first bus stop on Line 2 is Samasta MovenpickPhoto by Anak Jajan.

Traveling to Bali feels incomplete if you haven’t visited popular hangout places in Bali. Samasta Lifestyle Village is one of them. There are many tenants with different advantages and uniqueness, starting from restaurants – Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, cafes, ice cream outlets, clothing stores, bookstores, spas, souvenir shops and even rides for escape games. With Kura-Kura Coupon & Map or Rurubu Free, you can get 25% off at Gaya Gelato (Available until October 2019).

Gaya Gelato

Samasta is equipped with spacious public spaces and attractive and Instagramable decorations. Suggested to come after dusk and nightfall, the lights impress softly and dimly into decoration with a stunning waterfall.


Hey, it’s time to update your insta-feed!

Bus Stop – Le Meridien

Le Meridien Jimbaran overlooks Jimbaran Beach. Although it’s not directly on the beach.  Jimbaran Bay is a perfect location to relax at the beach, take advantage of traditional markets or seafood markets.

Le Meridien

If your craving fresh seafood, then Jimbaran Bay is the place to head at sunset time. The quiet fishing village of Jimbaran is well known for its tasteful seafood bazaar by the beach. The unique opportunity to dine on the sand and savor the experience of fire-grilled seafood – Indonesian Style.


Here, you’ll find restaurants dotted along the beach showcasing their daily catches of fresh seafood and shellfish. Just be mindful of what time you choose to head back as the tide sweeps in and makes its way up the beach, crashing into the front tables of the restaurants. Also, you need to try the Jagung Bakar – barbecued corn on the cob. Yum!

Jagung Bakar

Bus Stop – Ayana

It seems that a visit to the Rock Bar at Ayana Resort is a must, and Kura-Kura Bus has a bus stop at  Ayana Resort Jimbaran. The first thing you’ll notice when you arrived at Ayana Resort and Spa was how luxurious it is.

Rock Bar

It wasn’t hard to see why people like this place. Rock Bar gives out a chic ambiance and superstar views as the rhythm of the spot-lit ocean merge with the funky tunes vibing from the DJ booth carved into the cliff-face.

FYI: Make sure you dress up before you hit the bar. Smart casual is enough (no singlet, tank tops or flip flops). If you are not hotel guest, It’s difficult to go down Rock Bar area during daytime. The Rock Bar opens at 4 pm but people will start lining up at 3.30 pm.

This place is worth a visit if you like fancy cocktails.

Bus Stop – Rimba

Rimba is a 5-Star resort situated next to the Ayana Resort in Jimbaran. This place is beyond amazing. Managed by Ayana, Rimba is one of the most picturesque resorts in Bali.


Whenever you are in Rimba, make time and spend as long as you could possibly can in their beautiful pools. Because they have fantastic pools. six distinct swimming pools, each offering a different experience and colored a different shade of blue from their mosaic design. The pools are connected by a network of waterfalls, fountains, and streams, and are located on different levels to create a multi-layered aquatic environment.

Rimba 2

FYI: We suggest you take a photo at the infinity pool, located on the cliffs, this infinity pool is literally right next to the ocean. If you look down, you can see the waves crashing against the cliff. And if you see it at the right time, you can even see the sunset from here!

Rimba Kura-Kura

Line 2 runs between 9:40 and 19:56. The fare from DFS Bus Bay to Jimbaran and to Kuta is Rp. 40,000.

Tickets Information

The farefor Line 4 is Rp. 40,000 (Rp. 20,000 from DFS Bus Bay to Jimbaran and back to DFS Bus Bay & Rp. 20,000 from DFS Bus Bay to Kuta). Use Day Pass for the best value. For more details, please see our Ticket Info page and Time Schedule.

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