5 Awesome Bali Souvenirs You Have to Bring Home 2019

Summer is coming and a holiday in Bali would not be complete with an empty suitcase. Bali not only ideal for spending a day at the beach or soaking up the sun but Bali market also an ideal place you should visit while on vacation. The sell variety of unique Balinese souvenirs ranging from cheap to high-end souvenir.

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But forget about Barong T-Shirt, keyring, or phallic bottle opener and instead find quality souvenirs that will last a lifetime as a memento.

Take a look of our “5 Awesome Bali Souvenir in 2019” below for your reference:

Barong Mask


Why choose the Barong mask?
Nothing is more representative of Balinese art and culture than a hand-carved Barong mask made from local wood.
Barong is a lion-like creature and character in the mythology of Bali, Indonesia. He is the king of the spirits, leader of the host of good. For the Balinese, Barong is the symbol of health and good fortune.
We thought that a wall with Barong mask would be a nice memento from all those trip you spend in Bali.

Where to Buy :

Various traditional art market/souvenir shop in Sukawati, Ubud, Kuta

Barong Cookie


Enjoying your favorite tea time of coffee time without a company by cookie doesn’t feel perfect!
Barong cookies are the perfect souvenir, with the hope that the people who visit Bali become to know more of the Balinese culture. These character cookies can be found at several on the island, including at the international airport. Sure It is very healthy because this is a homemade cookie from natural ingredients and without using preservatives.

Where to Buy :

In various stores like Papaya Supermarket, Komaneka Gallery, Bintang Ubud, also you can get it in the Ngurah Rai Airport.

Balinese Painting – Kamasan Style Painting

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Along the road in Sukawati Art Market, Art Market Guwang, there are many shops selling Balinese Painting and Modern.
But if you looking for a quality traditional souvenir and like artistic value with good quality, then Classical Style Kamasan painting is suitable for you.

Kamasan-style paintings are also called Kamasan Classical Style paintings because the style of this paintings are also called Kamasan Classical Style painting because the style of this painting dates from the 17th century or the golden age of the ancient Balinese Kingdom (Gelgel Kingdom) which had not been influenced by Europe or other outside influences.

Kamasan is actually the name of a village in Klungkung Regency, Bali. The classic Balinese style of painting in Kamasan paintings is very easy to recognize because it only uses two dimensions, looks flat without a perspective

In general, the stories described contain philosophical values of Hinduism and Balinese culture

Where to Buy :

Various galleries of paintings in the village Batuan, Lod Tunduh, Pengosekan, Peliatan, and Ubud. Or you can go into Kamasan Village or art market near Kertha Gosa

Balinese Gamelan – Rindik


Rindik is a traditional Balinese musical instrument made from bamboo which is made of blades and played by hitting the bamboo blade with a bat called the Rindik. If you visit some restaurant or staying at the hotel, at some point you will hear enchanting melodies from this instrument. Have you any thought about improving your inner musicality? Try it with Rindik.

Where to Buy :

Various traditional art market/souvenir shop in Sukawati, Ubud, Kuta



Besides the craftsmanship, Bali is also famous for its various weaving culture. We know that batik has been a big part of Indonesia Culture, but Bali has one different culture yield different batik. Woven into a material with supplementary gold and silver weft threads, Balinese Songket is considered as luxurious and prestigious material that only worn on a special occasion and religious events.

Where to buy :

The main songket manufacturing town on Bali is at Sidemen, but you can check at the traditional market at Ubud, Sukawati, or Guwang. Be warned though, the price you pay at the factory is inflated and it’s better to check into another store.







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