Kura-Kura Bus Mobile Application


We’re proud to announce the launch of the KURA-KURA BUS mobile app! Available for free download on the App Store and Google play, the app shows you just how easy it is to get around Bali.


The KURA-KURA BUS mobile app shows our fleet of bus’s location in real-time, making it easy to plan your Bali trip. The map is updated every 2 minutes, or you can simply click on the “refresh” circle to update the page.

The app includes the current Time Schedule as well as important updates that may affect the bus service such as delays due to high volumes of traffic or road closures.

How to use

1. Firstly, make sure that your Location setting is turned on for your mobile device (IOS or Android).

2. The “Map” page will bring up a Google map showing all Kura-Kura bus stops (grey icons) and the buses in operation (colorful “turtle” icons). The blue circle is your current location.

3. Tap on the bus stop nearest to your location to view more information.


4. Click the relevant tab to view the bus route information (some bus stops are stops on more than one bus line).

5. Information including the bus number eg. HS01 as well as the estimated arrival time are displayed. Keep in mind that the time of arrival is calculated without traffic, while the distance is an exact indication of how far away the bus is.


6. There is also a Time Schedule page where you can view all the bus stop times for all bus lines.


Download the app for free

To download the KURA-KURA BUS mobile app, you can search “Kura-Kura Bus” on the App Store (for IOS) or Google play (for Android).

Alternatively, simply scan the QR Code below with your device and it will take you to the relevant page.


for IOS

KURA-KURA BUS on the App Store on iTunes 2015-06-09 11-24-05

for Android

KURA-KURA BUS - Android Apps on Google Play 2015-06-09 11-24-39

Remember that the app is FREE, so download it now and get cracking planning your trip around Bali’s most popular areas!

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