Kura-Kura Bus celebrate Tumpek Landep, 22 March 2014

Every year, Balinese Hindus celebrate a holy day dedicated to Sanghyang Pasupati, the God of steel implements. The day is known as “Tumpek Landep”, and took place on Saturday 22 March this year.


On this special day, the local people show their gratitude to Sanghyang Pasupati, and all the steel implements that make Balinese life easier and safer.


Traditionally, steel tools and sacred weapons were blessed, however over the years “tools” came to include cars, motorbikes, bicycles, computers and televisions – anything that has made day-to-day life more convenient for the Balinese people.


Ceremonies are held throughout the island, where offerings are made and thanks is given.


Cars, buses and motorbikes are adorned with woven palm leaf decorations as a symbol of gratitude and protection.


Small baskets containing flower petals, fruit, cakes and even money are also placed on dashboards and car hoods.


KuraKura held its own ceremony, where all the new buses were blessed. Don’t all our staff look fabulous in their ceremonial sarongs and kabayas?

Tumpek Landep is held every 210 days, based on the Balinese lunar calendar. Try not to miss out on this fascinating day!

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