Kura-Kura Bus and Telkomsel 4G

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Stay connected while on the go

One of the perks of traveling with Kura-Kura Bus is the free onboard WiFi internet access. Posting photos of your fabulous Bali holiday is a sure fire way to make friends and family at home a little jealous, and what’s easier than doing it while traveling from one place to the next?

If that wasn’t convenient enough, there’s also electric power points on all buses to charge up your device so that you can carry on taking happy snaps at your next destination.

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Kura-Kura Bus cooperation with Telkomsel

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On August 14, 2015, Kura-Kura Bus with Telkomsel held a press conference at Cafe Batavia which was attended by some members of the national media to announce the cooperation regarding the free Wi-Fi service in an effort to bring quality mobile internet access on Kura-Kura Buses from 1 August 2015.

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This WiFi service is provided to accommodate the needs of passengers, particularly tourists in Bali, to stay connected during their journey.

Faster connectivity with Telkomsel 4G

Kura-Kura Bus now offers faster onboard WiFi with Telkomsel 4G LTE, the fourth generation IP Based super fast internet technology that makes data transfer faster and also more stable.

Super speedy internet network 4G LTE can provide download and upload speeds 3x faster compared to previous generations like 3G, so uploading your Bali holiday pics is a breeze!


The new Telkomsel 4G network currently covers most of Southern Bali. In areas that are not covered by 4G (like Ubud for example), passengers will still have WiFi access with the 3G network available in those areas.

Telkomsel 4G

Step 1

The username and password for each bus is displayed inside the bus on the windows. The name of the network for each bus is the same number of the bus which can be seen on both the front and the back of the bus body.

Login 1



Step 2

Find the name of your bus in the WiFi settings of your smart phone and select the network.

Login 2

Step 3

Once you select a network, a new window will open asking you to enter the network password. This password is displayed on several stickers inside the bus.

Login 3

Step 4

If you enter the password correctly, a “✓” symbol will be displayed next to the network name.

Login 4

Step 5

Now that you’re connected, you can browse the internet, send emails or upload photos. Why not check online reviews for the hotel you’re heading to or perhaps book a spa treatment ahead of your arrival. You can also check out the current exchange rates and confirm your flight – all this can be done from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus.


Fast onboard WiFi is just another reason to use Kura-Kura Bus to get around Bali. Hop on at any of our designated bus stops in popular tourist areas and stay connected while on the go!

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