Haunted Places in Bali You Won’t Dare to go Alone

Despite the beautiful beaches and stunning rice terrace views, Bali also have some peculiar places to visit – places that are rumored to be haunted. It may sound like a full non-sense to some of you, but whether you believe or not we decided to list five of them that you might want to visit – if you dare.

Taman Festival Bali

This 8-hectare amusement park was once built with the aspirations to become the Southeast Asian answer to Disneyland. When it closed in 2000 due to financial difficulties, the park has been left abandoned, leaving all of its buildings and rides. Today, the amusement park looks more like Jurassic Park than like Disneyland and locals also believed this abandoned site is where the “spirits” reside. Well, there’s only one to find out. Dare to visit?



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Ghost Palace Hotel (PI Bedugul)

All the way up in the mountains in the highlands of Bedugul, an abandoned hotel is waiting for you. PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel or also known as “Ghost Palace Hotel” is an abandoned hotel project that said to have been developed by Tommy Suharto, the youngest son of former President Suharto. The construction of the luxury hotel was inexplicably halted after the terrorists’ bomb attacks in 2002, even though it was reportedly already 80%. It is said that if you enter this place and you are lucky, you will hear the sound of construction projet work, even though all work has been stopped over 17 years ago.



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This hotel never opened its door for the public, but how knows if it already “full-booked” in every night, right?

Bounty Beach Club

Bounty Beach Club Bungalows is located in Gili Meno Island, a small island in the northeast of Bali. It used to be a very famous resort in the early 2000s but now it’s abandoned and scary. Some said it was abandoned after Bali bombing in 2002, others said it was closed after the unnatural death of its owner and made the hotel management not going well so they choose to shut down this place. There is a dark corridor behind the swimming pool. If you keep looking through the corridor, you will sense that someone in the dark is watching you.



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Desa Trunyan Graveyard

In the traditional Balinese village of Trunyan, the dead are not buried. They are simply laid on the ground, hedged in with a bamboo cage to prevent scavenging animals from eating them and left to be rot. Those bodies are rather new, still with flesh and skins, some of them are half-rotten and the rest just skeletons. Locals believe that the tree, called “Taru Menyan” or “fragrant tree”, overpowers the rotting smell. It may sound gruesome for many of us, but it is considered normal for the local villagers.



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Abandoned Temple in Tista Village

The abandoned temple is located up the hill at the village of Tista in Karangasem, on the eastern coast of Bali. It is a 1 hr and 19 min drive from Denpasar. With statues and stairways almost completely covered with moss and cobwebs, the temple has lay forgotten for decades. Nobody knows the exact name of this once-sacred place. Some said it was Gunung Sari temple and other said it was Mekah temple.



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