5 New Kura – Kura Bus Stop : Oktober 2019

LXXY Bali Kura-Kura Bus Stop

We’re happy to announce that from 1st October 2019, we have five new bus stops in Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, and Ubud. Read more below for detail :

Nanamy Art Shop & Luwak Coffee

Nanamy Art Shop Kura-Kura Bus Stop

Nanamy Art Shop & Luwak Coffee is one of many shopping places for foreigners and domestic tourists to look for Bali’s souvenir. Here, you can find anything starting from paintings, t-shirts, snacks, accessories, Bali’s sarong and many more. Besides shopping, the Nanamy Artshop & Luwak Coffee also has a well-known “Kopi Luwak” café which is located in front of the store. A green-concept café is a perfect place for those of you who want to relax from a hustle-bustle city.

Nanamy Art Shop

The bus stop passed by the bus on LINE 2. The fare for the LINE 2 is IDR, 20,000, per person.

Bebek Timbungan

Bebek Timbungan Kura-Kura Bus Stop

For you fans of culinary made from duck, Bebek Timbungan is one of the recommendations that you should try. The word ‘Timbungan’ comes from the syllable ‘embung‘ or ‘timbung‘ which means bamboo. So, the scales duck is a duck whose cooking process uses bamboo. Before cooking, duck meat is first given an even seasoning base or concoction of Balinese main ingredients. Bebek Timbungan are one of the oldest and most famous Balinese dishes.

Bebek Timbungan

Moreover, the atmosphere of the restaurant is comfortable and very Balinese. So, if you travel to Bali with your family, this restaurant is perfect for you to come with your family or relatives.

Bebek Timbungan

The bus stop passed by the bus on LINE 1, LINE 2 & LINE 3. The fare for the LINE 1 is IDR, 20,000, per person.

The Keranjang Bali

The Keranjang Bali Souvenir Shop

A holiday in Bali would not be complete with an empty suitcase. The Keranjang is the newest one-stop shopping place and culture tourism destination in Bali. The building using the inspiration of the shopping basket, unique isn’t it?

The Keranjang Bali Front

The Keranjang means, Shopping Basket, and as the name implies, this place carries the concept of “Bali dalam satu keranjang” – Bali in one basket. Not just souvenirs, this place is equipped with various interesting facilities, such as batik classes, spa, restaurants, coffee shops, even the theatre.
The Keranjang Bali Kampung Langit

Not only that, you can learn about the culture and life of Balinese society in Kampung Langit. The largest and first Indoor Sky Park in Bali. Located on the top floor of The Keranjang Bali. In the Kampung Langit, you can get involved in activities such as mixing Loloh – Balinese Drink,  making Gebogan and Gerabah. Also, Several show that you can watch such as Asura on Fire, Goddessa, Super Sambrag, and Hello, Semeton

Filled with sleek interiors you can walk around while hunting great photos, for you to share on social media accounts. Your feed will be even cooler and more colorful!

The Keranjang Bali Kura-Kura Bus Stop

Located in Bypass Ngurah Rai on the main street to DFS Bus Bay from Nusa Dua or Jimbaran. The Keranjang Bus Stop is sited on LINE 1 & Line 2 which addressed to passengers who depart to Nusa Dua or Jimbaran, and Line 4 which is for passengers who departs from Kuta.

The fare for those lines is IDR. 20,000 per person for a single trip.

Lxxy Bali

LXXY Bali Kura-Kura Bus Stop

Located in the heart of Legian, LXXY Bali is where your night turns upside down. Full of entertainment. For the first floor, itself is a restaurant by applying a modern urban concept. While the second floor is a very large club with a distinctive DJ booth and exceptional lightning. And the third floor will appease and most daring with the lounge and pool area to create the perfect city club with music from underground dance, hip hop, deep house, and delightful cocktails accompany you.

LXXY Bali Inside

LXXY Bali Night Club

The bus stop passed by the bus on LINE 2 & LINE 4. The fare for the LINE 2 and 4 is IDR, 20,000, per person

Coco Supermarket (Drop off only)

Coco Supermarket

The Coco Supermarket (Ubud) bus stop is sited on Raya Pengosekan street, about 5 minutes walk from the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. The bus stop is sited from DFS to the Ubud route only. The monkeys at Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary have become accustomed to seeing humans, health, well-loved and protected. They will be jumping on people who have smuggled in some food or the best idea – you can selfie with the monkey. Interesting isn’t it?

The bus stop passed by the bus on LINE 5. The fare for the 5 is IDR, 80,000, per Person

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