Useful Phrases in Indonesian


Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian is the official language of the Republic of Indonesia and is spoken by over 237 million people. Most islands also have their own indigenous language which is spoken by the locals, however Bahasa Indonesia unites the whole country.

Balinese is spoken in Bali, while in Lombok the local language is called Sasak. Indonesian is fairly easy to learn, as most letters represent the same sound and the pronunciation is very similar to English.

Below is a list of useful phrases that might come in handy on your next trip to Bali.

Greetings / Salam

Good morning Selamat pagi
Good afternoon Selamat siang
Good evening Selamat sore
Good night Selamat malam
How are you? Apa kabar?
I’m good! Baik baik saja!
Thank you! Terima kasih!
You are welcome! Sama sama
What’s your name? Siapa nama anda?
My name is Emma Nama saya Emma
Do you speak English? Bisa berbicara Bahasa Inggris?
Yes, a little Ya, sedikit
I don’t understand Saya tidak mengerti
Yes / No Ya / Tidak

Pronouns / Kata ganti

I / Me Saya
You Kamu (informal) / Anda (formal)
He / She Dia
Us Kita (Including the person spoken to)
Us Kami (Not including the person spoken to)
You Kalian
They Mereka

Asking for something / Meminta tolong kepada seseorang

Excuse me Permisi
I would like to ask Saya mau tanya
Can you help me? Bisa bantu saya?

Where are you from? / Dari mana?

Where are you from? Dari mana?
I am from (Indonesia / Australia / French / America / etc Saya dari Indonesia / Australia / Perancis / Amerika / dll
Where are you going? Mau ke mana?
I want to go to mall / restaurant / school / market / etc Saya mau ke mall / restoran / sekolah / pasar / dll
I would like to ask Saya mau tanya
Left Kiri
Right Kanan

Ordering food / Memesan makan

Excuse me sir/mam, I want to order Permisi Pak/Bu, Saya mau pesan makan
Fried rice Nasi goreng
Rice Nasi
Noodle Mie
To Eat Makan
Drink Minum
I like spicy!
Saya suka pedas!
Delicious! Enak!

Bargaining and Numbers / Menawar dan Angka

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 Satu / Dua / Tiga / Empat / Lima / Enam / Tujuh / Delapan / Sembilan / Sepuluh
100 Se-ratus
500 Lima-ratus
1000 Se-ribu
2000 Dua-ribu
5000 Lima-ribu
10000 Se-puluh-ribu
50000 Lima-puluh-ribu
100000 Se-ratus-ribu
How much does it cost? Berapa harganya?
It’s too expensive
Ini terlalu mahal
Cheaper possible? Bisa lebih murah?

Other easy words that you will use often / Kalimat yang biasa digunakan sehari-hari

No worries! Tidak apa-apa!
Great! Bagus!
Be careful! Hati-hati!
Can Boleh / Bisa
There is / There is not Ada / Tidak ada
What time is it? Jam berapa sekarang?

Useful signs / Petunjuk berguna

Open Buka
Closed Tutup
Entrance Masuk
Exit Keluar
Toilets Kamar Kecil
Women Wanita
Men Pria

You’ll impress the locals in Bali by also knowing a few Balinese phrases, like “Kenken kabare?” (“How are you?”) and “Matur suksma.” (“Thank you.”), and might even get a better deal when bargaining at one of the local markets!

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