Sensatia Botanicals


Sensatia aims to produce Bali’s finest natural skincare by using all ingredients provided by nature. The company, started back to the year 2000, is proud to be a village based and profit sharing company; the first and the only GMP certified production facility in Bali ensuring the very best quality offered to their customer.

Their premium brand expands to 40+ company with over 200+ product registrations and currently cooperate with many premium property brands in distributing and using their products. Staying true, honest and focus on customer’s demand has contribute to the current amazing growth the company enjoyed over the last decade, while keeping the identity intact as a small family business charm remain key to their success.


Sensatia currently offered beauty and lifestyle products that cater to all gender and age. The natural ingredients makes it favourable to sensitive skins, with natural fragrance creates pleasing perfume that both easy to the smell and sight (non-irritation). Keeping the high standard in every product is a commitment shared by each of Sensatia’s staff, ensuring its worth in every buy.


Sensatia currently have 11 shops location in Bali (including production facility) so you can pick up your favourite products closer to your home. Be sure to check their website for upcoming products or promotion/discounts on certain period. For your transportation needs, Sensatia and Kura-Kura Bus has join together for a business partnership, so you can purchase your products on-board Kura-Kura bus (through our merchandise section) or visit their shops during our trip to Ubud.

Kura-Kura Bus Stop at Sensatia Botanicals – Pepito Andong

Sensatia Botanicals Ubud in Pepito Andong will be the newest Kura-Kura Bus Stop as per 1st October 2017, and will be part of the expanding and popular Ubud line. This particular bus stop location is nearby the Tegallalang rice terraces which is one of the famous attraction in Ubud area.

This establishment is open from 9AM to 10PM with considerable space and modern design to complement. A wide range of products are on display and the ever-presence, well-trained staffs to assist creates a welcoming atmosphere. Try some of Sensatia products for a well deserve sensation and rejuvenation on your skin!

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