New Look of Kura-Kura Bus

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Hi Travelers!, 🙂

Have you seen any difference in our bus?

20160314_200801 (Large)

If you notice, there is new big sticker “Bali Public Bus from Rp. 20.000,-” in every single of our bus.

20160314_200448 (Large)

Why we put it?

Because there is still many people think that we are a bus rental company but we are not. Kura-kura bus is public shuttle bus which can used by anyone and dedicated in popular tourist area and the ticket price start from IDR 20.000,-. Passengers can travel in one area, or go somewhere completely different by changing lines at the main hub located at DFS Bus Bay in Kuta, the tourist center of Bali.

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Our bright and cheerful buses are hard to miss out and about on the road. All brand new vehicles feature modern facilities such as air-conditioning, complimentary 4G Telkomsel Wi-Fi, and an audio announcing system so passengers won’t miss their stop.

With Kura-Kura Bus, guests of the island are able to access the main tourist areas, shopping malls and other places of interest in superior comfort and at an affordable price.

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