New Kura-Kura Bus Mobile App

As part of an effort to improve customer experience, Kura-Kura Bus is proud to launch a new version of the Kura-Kura Mobile Application. Available for free download on the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android), The improved Kura-Kura Bus Mobile App includes a range of new features that enhance the customer experience and make the bus travel with Kura-Kura Bus easier than ever.



As part of the enhancements, the app will feature a new home screen, bus information, information about the Kura-Kura bus stop plus the upcoming bus, live information is included allowing you to get new user experience and provide visual consistency and ease of navigation.

The app includes the current Time Schedule and Traffic Indicator as well as important updates that may affect the bus service such as delays due to high volumes of traffic or road closures

Equipped with new features such as sound notifications that will notify you when the bus arrives at the bus stop and the traffic indicator that will show the traffic jam

Not only that, the update of the Kura-Kura Mobile App is a more flexible ticket purchase that can be directly done through the application, with the payment method using PayPal.

How to Use

1. Firstly, make sure that your Location setting is turned on for your mobile device (iOS or Android). If you want to use a sound notification feature, enable your sound notification.

2. The “Map” page will bring up a Google map showing all Kura-Kura bus stops (greenhouse icon) and the buses in operation (colorful “turtle” icons). The color of bus icons indicates it’s line (e.g green is for Line 3, pink is for Line 2). The blue circle is your current location. This app included a search function where you can enter the name of the place or bus stop nearest to your location.


3. Tap on the nearest “greenhouse icon” to see the bus stop information, you can see the Bus Stop name (e.g Bali Wake Park). You can tap “See Timetable” to check our time Schedule. Activate “Notify Me” to remind you when the bus is approaching or arriving at the bus stop.


4. If you tap on the ‘turtle’ icon you can see information of the bus with the next destination. To see traffic conditions, you can tap the “Menu” button and choose “Traffic” and road conditions will be seen, with different colors like red, yellow and green. The dreaded red lines mean highway traffic, yellow lines on the map mean traffic is moving faster than red lines, while green lines mean traffic is on normal state.


Tips for using the Application

1. Be sure to check the “Information” page, to find out information on each line and what is interesting in it. Since Kura-Kura bus has a bus stop at a popular place in Bali, so you can check the popular places on the “Information” tab and tap “Popular Places“, you can see information on popular places ranging from tourist attractions, malls, and zoos.



2. Already decide your destination? It’s time to hop on Kura-Kura Bus. Don’t worry about the tickets, since it can be directly purchased through the application, make your trip easier with the Kura-Kura Bus.


3. Make sure to always activate the sound notification, to remind you when the bus has arrived, so you don’t have to miss the bus.

Download the app for free

To download the KURA-KURA BUS mobile app, you can search “Kura-Kura Bus” on the App Store (for IOS) or Google Play (for Android).

Remember that the app is FREE, so download it now and get cracking planning your trip around Bali’s most popular areas!




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