Kura Kura Bus Represent The Best Bali Driver Election Of National Level

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Celebrating the anniversary of the Department of Transportation on Sept. 17, there will be representatives of each province to follow the competition of best driver/ Awak Kendaraan Umum Teladan (AKUT) at the national level.

This year is the first year for Kura Kura Bus following the annual contest held by the transportation department. However, on this first year, Kura Kura Bus Driver on behalf of “I Made Santiasa”, can bring home a trophy and certificate of merit for 1st winner as best driver at the Bali province level.

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Province of Bali itself has done in several stages of selection are very rigorous and competitive. Category participants of best driver selections are the public transport drivers under the coordination of DPD Organda Bali Province, DPC Organda Denpasar, Perum DAMRI, as well as businesses – public transport business in Denpasar with a number of participants as many as 50 people.

The purpose of this activity is to provide confidence as public transport drivers have a responsibility to his profession and his passenger, as well as to further raise awareness of public transport drivers toward traffic regulations.

Made Santiasa as the representative of the Kura Kura Bus also said that he did not expect to bring home the first winner, and he also added that this event is very beneficial for the crew of the driver in performing duty.

Things were assessed from the race is active in the forum, critical, problem-solving, and also the attitude during the forum. The judges at the forum is very objective in assessing the participants, which was held for three days at the district level, and 4 days in the province of Bali.

Through the victory which is brought by Kura Kura Bus, we expect to be more trusted by travelers in Kura Kura accompany each of your trips. With god preparations, Kura Kura Bus also hopes that our representatives will win the national competition level on September 12, 2016.

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