First-Timers Guide to Kura-Kura Bus

Kura-Kura Bus Main Terminal

We believe that it can help you no matter how many times you’ve been to Bali, there’s always a “first-time experience” for everyone each time you come here. Bali, as we know, blew our minds. So many new places to visit, beautiful landmark, and we think it’s impossible to fully appreciate Bali in just a few days.

In short, we want to give you the comprehensive first-time visitor’s guide covering all the information that you needed to make your time in Bali unforgettable with Kura-Kura Bus. We’ll show you our highlights and give you a few practical travel tips to help you get started.

Knowing About Kura-Kura Bus

Kura Kura Bus in T-Galleria Mall

Kura-Kura Bus is a public shuttle bus service for local travel in Bali. Currently has 5 routes, connecting popular tourist areas in Bali such as Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, and Ubud areas. There are 2 types of bus Long Minibus (15 seats) and Short Minibus (12 seats), The bus is very eye-catching, with cute green and yellow turtle design.

Kura-Kura Bus is the Best Public Bus in Bali

And each route has its Line name, from Line 1 to Line 5. Kura-Kura Bus operates daily from 09:40 until 19:56 (depending on the line) – and not operated on Nyepi Day. You can check the time schedule here.

Kura-Kura Bus is comfortable, with the facilities inside is quite complete like AC, Free Wi-Fi, and Electric Points.

How About Safety?

With Kura-Kura Bus you can rest assured of your safety, and all passengers are insured during their travels.

How Much is the Tickets?

Kura-Kura Bus Ticket Crew

Kura-Kura Bus Ticket are not as expensive as you choose to make it. You can purchase an affordable single trip ticket (for one trip) or to making an even bigger saving, you can choose Kura-Kura bus Daypass. Available for 1,3 or 7-Day Passes. Single trip tickets cost as low as IDR 20,000 (AU$2 / USD$1.4) while the Daypass starts from IDR 100,000 (AU$10,5 / US$7). All tickets must be purchased in Indonesian Rupiah only. With Daypass that should cover your transportation for a day – or 3 / 7 days.

How to Get Kura-Kura Bus?

Kura-Kura Bus Main Terminal

The main terminal of Kura-Kura Bus is situated at DFS Bus Bay, located Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kuta, Bali. It’s near Gallery Duty-Free Shopping Mall. Kura-Kura Bus has 43 bus stops and all of them are located in a famous tourist destination or well-known hotel such as Waterbom Bali, Seminyak Village, Beachwalk, Ayana Resort, Puri Lukisan Museum.

Our Tips :

Kura Kura Bus Stop Sign

Make sure to arrive at least, 5 to 15 minutes before the schedule and stand near Bus Stop Sign to prevent you missed the bus. Or you can download Kura-Kura Mobile Apps (App Store) or (Google Play). Check how to use Kura-Kura Mobile apps here.

It’s easy to purchase Kura-Kura Bus Ticket, you can get the ticket from DFS Bus Bay, Kura-Kura Ticket Booth, online, or directly from the driver. There are 2 ticket booth that you can visit:

–    Beachwalk (Kuta Area)
–    Seminyak Village (Seminyak Area)

Fabulous Ubud

If you are staying in the Ubud area, you can get it at Ubud’s Official Tourist Information Center.

Sights and Attractions Near Kura-Kura Bus Stop?

Waterblow [Line 1]

Waterblow in Nusa Dua

Waterblow is one of Nusa Dua’s famous sights. The volcanic jagged rock formations of limestone and coral around the Waterblow make for some pretty spectacular nature scenery too. If you are lucky, you can get an awesome picture, with water blowing to the air, but be careful, once you fall to this tide, you will never come back…

Admission Fee: Free

How to get there: Take the bus to line 1 and go to The Bay Bali Bus Stop and walk about 10-min to location.

Kuta Beach [Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3]

Kuta Beach Bali

One of the most visited beaches in the world, with tourist from all over the world heading over to check out this long sandy beach. Besides famous for its white sand and its vibe, the area around Kuta Beach is famous for its nightlife, there are many places that you have to check out while visiting the Kuta Beach area.

Admission Fee: Free

How to get there: Take the bus to line 1,2 or 3 and go to Grand Inna Kuta Bus Stop.

Padma Beach [Line 2, Line 3 and Line 4]

Padma Beach Bali

Favorite place to see the sunset, will a bottle of Bintang Beer. If you prefer a place with not as much crowded as Kuta Beach, but you still get the lovely sunset.

Admission Fee: Free

How to get there: You can take bus line 2,3, or 4 and go to Bali Mandira Resort.

Puri Lukisan Museum [Line 5]

Puri Lukisan Museum

Museum Puri Lukisan is the oldest museum in Ubud. The museum is home of the finest modern Balinese art, mainly 20th-century paintings, and wood carvings, and is set in tranquil gardens with several ponds and a small cafe.

Admission Fee: IDR 75,000 For Adult (For Kids under 15 years old and accompanied by their parents are free of charge)

How to get there: You can take bus line 5 and go to Puri Lukisan Museum

Ubud Royal Palace [Line 5]

Ubud Royal Palace in Central Ubud

In our opinion, Ubud Royal Palace is an absolute must-see in Ubud. The architecture of the palace is beautiful and worth seeing, but there are much greater highlight near Ubud Royal Palace, like Ubud Art Market or Taman Saraswati temple Ubud.

Our Tip :

Pura Taman Saraswati

Before going to Ubud Royal Palace, from Puri Lukisan museum you can visit Pura Taman Saraswati, if you are lucky, you can see pink lotus flower on the blossom.

Admission Fee: Free

How to get there: You can take bus line 5 and go to Puri Lukisan Museum and walk about 4-min to location

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