Extraordinary Place: Trans Studio Bali

This image displays a beautifully illuminated space with a strong Indonesian theme. The centerpiece is a large, circular structure with a thatched roof, under which hangs an array of spherical lanterns, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The structure is reminiscent of traditional Indonesian architecture, often characterized by thatched elements and open, communal spaces. In the background, the signage "Indonesia IMAGINATION" suggests an experiential or themed area, possibly within a larger attraction or cultural exhibit. It seems to be designed to showcase Indonesian culture and creativity, perhaps in a setting like a theme park or cultural center where visitors can immerse themselves in various aspects of Indonesia's heritage. The palm trees and the artificial sky-like ceiling further enhance the tropical and imaginative setting, inviting visitors to explore and experience the enchantment of Indonesia's diverse cultural landscape. The scene might be part of an indoor attraction that aims to provide guests with a simulated experience of flying over Indonesia, highlighting the nation's landmarks and natural beauty. It's a space that likely offers a combination of education and entertainment, engaging visitors with a blend of traditional elements and modern presentation techniques.

It’s true, the holidays are back again in December, marking the end of 2023. Are the children happy or not? Well, that depends on where you choose to spend your holiday. Especially as Christmas approaches, there are undoubtedly numerous exciting events and captivating themes at every tourist attraction, one of which is Trans Studio Bali.

Grab your ticket on Kura-Kura Bus: Trans Studio Bali

So, just relax and take it easy because Trans Studio Bali is all set to spice up your days, making them even more enjoyable. Here, there are thrilling indoor rides, cool outdoor adventures – basically, everything you need! So, get ready for a vacation you won’t forget at Trans Studio Bali, where every moment is filled with happiness, holiday spirit, and a Christmas atmosphere that warms the heart. Come on over and experience the fun!

Trans Studio Bali

Trans Studio Bali, located in Denpasar, is an indoor amusement park on the top floor of Trans Studio Mall. Visitor safety is prioritized with temperature checks and precautionary measures. Tickets provide unlimited access to various attractions, with special discounts for locals and cardholders. Check the official website for holiday hours and stay updated on promotions through social media. Trans Studio Bali offers an exciting indoor adventure in Bali


Trans Studio Bali offers must-try main attractions such as thrilling boomerang coasters. This roller coaster provides a spinning and high-speed experience, delivering an unforgettable and exhilarating sensation. Additionally, there are spectacular shows like Simsalabim Show (Camera Zone), Gayatri Show (Culture Zone), Temple Raiders Stunt Show (Adventure Zone), and Dream Festival Parade (All Zone) that will captivate visitors with their unique features.

One of the must-try attractions at Trans Studio Bali, visitors will experience the thrill of forward and backward slides at high speed, creating thrilling and unforgettable moments.
Boomerang Coaster

For those seeking a challenge, enjoy indoor skydiving at IFly, which is also a must-try flagship attraction. The 16-meter tunnel creates a safe and thrilling free-fall experience. Furthermore, virtual journeys and exciting missions like hunting zombies and werewolves add an interactive and potentially frightening touch for visitors.

With careful design, Trans Studio Bali combines high-speed rides, cultural experiences through shows, and family-friendly attractions. Additionally, visitors can experience the sensation of flying over Indonesia with the stunning flyover feature. All of these elements are created to cater to various preferences, allowing visitors to enjoy unforgettable moments with family and friends.

The flyover at Trans Studio Bali is an attraction that allows visitors to experience the sensation of flying over various landmarks of Indonesia. With a stunning design, the flyover provides a spectacular visual experience, allowing visitors to see iconic landscapes without leaving the amusement park.
Fly over Indonesia

The Price of Trans Studio

Discover the varied pricing options at Trans Studio, tailored to different tastes and budgets. Whether you’re flying solo or planning a family outing, unearth the sweet spot of affordability and flexibility that makes your Trans Studio adventure open to all.

For the Domestic Package on weekdays, if you’ve got the Bali ID Card (KTP Bali), it’s a cool Rp 150,000 per person for all ages. Otherwise, regular tickets are Rp 225,000 per person. Come the weekend, Bali ID Card holders pay Rp 200,000 per person, and regular tickets are Rp 275,000 per person. Keep in mind to choose from a variety of payment methods and swing by the ticket counter for a quick double-check before the fun begins. Your ticket dances only on the selected date, no extensions allowed. Unfortunately, there are no refunds or magic redemption tricks.

for the International Package on weekdays, adults shell out 500,000 per person, while the little ones get a deal at 350,000 per person. Weekends keep the same beat for both 500,000 per person for adults and 350,000 per person for the kiddos. the ticket included Gain access to all rides, excluding I-Fly; your ticket reveals its secrets exclusively on the chosen visit date, with no room for extension. Take a glance at operational hours before immersing yourself in the excitement. Behind the scenes, there are terms and conditions awaiting your approval.

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