Dive into Bali’s Marine Wonders with Serangan Explorer Glass Bottom Boat Tour


Bali’s got more than just sun, sand, and surf. It’s a treasure trove of underwater wonders just waiting to be discovered! With crystal-clear waters and an abundance of colorful coral gardens, Bali’s marine ecosystem is a feast for the eyes.

Join the Serangan Explorer Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Ready for a marine adventure that’s packed with sights so stunning you’ll be reaching for your jaw? Look no further! Join us for a tour that takes you on a wild ride through Bali’s coastline, where you’ll discover underwater worlds, peaceful mangroves, and sea turtles so fascinating, Bali is not only preserving its natural wonders but ensuring future generations can enjoy them too.

Take a dip with Serangan Explorer Glass Bottom Boat Tour! This tour is all about having a blast and getting up-close-and-personal with Bali’s amazing marine life.

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Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Ready to see Bali’s marine wonders up close and personal? We’ll take you on a journey through the clear waters of Tanjung Benoa, Bali. 

Tour Map: A map of the Serangan Explorer Glass Bottom Boat Tour route, showcasing the journey through Tanjung Benoa's waters in Bali.
A Preview of Our Tour Route

Meet and Greet with the Instructor

Our journey begins with a meet-up with the instructor, who will explain the tour and provide a brief on using snorkeling gear.

Snorkeling Gear: A photo of snorkeling gear and a knowledgeable tour guide ready to provide information and support.
Don’t worry, knowledgeable tour guides have got you covered with all the snorkeling gear you need.

Explore the Clear Waters of Tanjung Benoa

From the comfort of our glass-bottom boat, you’ll be amazed by the colorful coral gardens and diverse marine life.

Coral Gardens: A stunning photo of the colorful coral gardens in Bali, seen from the comfort of the glass-bottom boat.

Interactive Experience with Marine Life

The tour guides will lead a fish feeding session, giving you an even more exciting and interactive experience.Fish Feeding Session: A photo of a tour guide leading a fish feeding session, offering an interactive experience with Bali's marine life.

Underwater Adventure: A photo capturing the excitement of an underwater adventure in Bali, with marine life and colorful coral gardens in the background.

Snorkeling and Seasickness

And if you’re prone to seasickness, don’t forget to bring along some motion sickness medication. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a dip and go snorkeling for an even closer look at the marine life.

Capture the Moment with Your Camera

Make sure to bring your camera to capture all the amazing moments of your underwater adventure. Oh, and did we mention that they even offer a GoPro rental with a free SD card for just IDR 100,000?

After filled with excitement, we headed back to the meeting point to clean up before our next tour.

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Introduction to the Mangrove and Turtle Conservation Tour in Bali

It’s time to hit the mangrove forests!

Mangrove Cruise in Bali Mangrove Forest

This tour will take you into the heart of the mangroves, be prepared to be surrounded by a diverse array of exotic birds and other wildlife.

Mangrove Cruise in Bali Mangrove Forest: A photo showcasing the Mangrove Cruise in Bali Mangrove Forest, highlighting the lush mangrove trees and peaceful atmosphere.

This tour is not just a scenic adventure, but an opportunity to learn about the significance of mangroves as a habitat and the efforts being made to conserve this precious ecosystem.

Discovering the Beauty of Mangroves

The knowledgeable guides will provide an in-depth explanation of the mangroves and their importance, as well as the efforts being made to protect them. Get up close and personal with nature as you witness the unique.

If we’re lucky, we might even get to try some of the local mangrove fruit juice – said to have antioxidants galore.

Once we’ve had our fill of mangrove knowledge, it’s time to kick back and enjoy a well-deserved lunch break on the boat.

Snacks and drinks are on the menu

The adventure doesn’t stop there, buckle up for even more exploration as we sail to our next destination!

Turtle Conservation Visit

Last destination is the Turtle Conservation.
Did you know that sea turtles in Bali enjoy a degree of protection. Spread throughout the beaches of Bali are turtle conservation programs?Well, now you do!

Interacting with Sea Turtles

This tour is not just about admiring these creatures from afar, but getting up close and personal with them. The guides will educate you on all things sea turtles. From their life cycles to habitats, you’ll learn everything there is to know about these fascinating creatures.

Prepare to be charmed by this cute baby turtle

The turtle conservation center is dedicated to protecting and preserving the sea turtle population. You’ll see the hard work and dedication that goes into making sure these creatures are safe and healthy. Not only will you leave with a newfound appreciation for these gentle giants, but you’ll also leave knowing that you’ve made a positive impact in their lives.

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There you have it – a tour that’ll leave you with memories and knowledge to last a lifetime! In conclusion, this tour offers a unique blend of fun and learning that’s perfect for everyone, including children. It’s a great opportunity to connect with nature and the marine environment, and leaves you with memories and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a marine enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a fun and educational experience for your children, this tour is sure to deliver. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean and gain a deeper appreciation for the world around us.

Tour Packages and Prices

Glass Bottom Boat Tour with TransportIDR 780,000
Rental Go Pro + SD CardIDR 100,000

You can book the tour here, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of Bali’s marine life.

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