Kura-Kura Bus Guide : Tickets

Did you know Kura-Kura Bus has 3 types of tickets? Do you know the difference? Kura-Kura Bus offers various types of tickets that you can use while traveling in Bali. Unfortunately, it can be confused when choosing it. To resolve your confusion, We will explain to you each type of Kura-Kura Bus ticket, so you know which one is the right for you! Single Trip Ticket First, before traveling using Kura-Kura Bus you must know that you can choose between buying a Single Trip ticket or buying Daypass pass for multiple trips. The difference is for a single trip ticket only  for a single trip in the direction of the destination. It’s ideal […]

E-Booth: Kura Kura Bus

Kura Kura Bus presents our new online ticket booths, which are called “E-Booth”. We develop our partnership with OTA to approach our customer closely and broadly. With this marketplace partnership, we hope can be reached by our customer to your customer. As Kura-Kura’s Bus stop partner, we really appreciate with all your supports and existence. Kura-Kura bus will continue to improve the quality and wider range for the convenience of the tourists in planning their vacation. Under of the great people in Kura Kura big team, we will always be number one of the first shuttle bus in Bali. To see our e-booth you can check it here: