Kura-Kura Bus & Nyepi

Nyepi is  a Hindu celebration that sees the island of Bali practically shut down for 24 hours.

From 6am on Nyepi Day until 6am the following day, no-one is allowed out on the streets or the beaches – even the international airport closes during this time.

 “Silent Day” is a time of silence, fasting and meditation for the Balinese, when lights are kept low and no working or traveling is permitted.

Greeting-Nyepi 2

The only people who might be seen outside of their homes are the village security men, known as Pecalang. They patrol the streets to ensure that Nyepi restrictions are being followed.

The days leading up to Nyepi are also an important part of the celebration, when temple-goers head down to the beaches or rivers for the purification ceremony of Melasti, and large paper mache statues (known as Ogoh-Ogoh) are carried through the streets.

For anyone planning on visiting Bali, consider coming around this special time of year for an insight into the beautiful local culture.


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