New Edition Guides & Map Vol.34

The New Edition of our magazine was already available. For the new edition, there is change, before our magazine is called Coupon & Map, now the magazine becomes Guides & Maps. It’s got a further Kura-Kura Bus information, travel guide, and map. Kura-Kura Guides & Map is a travel guide that keeps reminding you of the beauty of Balinese culture. Here’s a sneak look inside : COVID-19 Update – Kura-Kura Bus First up, new updates for Kura-Kura Bus. To ensure we are taking all steps to possible to minimize the risk on board our services regarding COVID-19. Kura-Kura Bus is suspended starting from 22 March until 22 April 2020. For […]

Things You Need To Know When You Stay in Bali During Nyepi

I think some of you already know that March 25th is Nyepi Day. On this sacred day, Hindus will do a Catur Brata Penyepian or four abstinence, i.e. Amati Karya (no working), Amati Lelungan (no traveling), Amati Geni (no fire or light), and Amati Lelanguan (no having fun). Nyepi in Bali has its impression for tourists. The streets will be quiet, and at night it will be pitch dark because there is no light. Usually, before celebrating Nyepi there will be some traditional activities that you can enjoy. For example Melasti activities and Ogoh-ogoh parade activities. Ogoh Ogoh Parade is highly expected by the Balinese themselves and tourists. Ogoh-Ogoh is […]

Come & Experience The Madness of Tipsy Tea at Azul Beach Club

Changing the face of lifestyle in Legian-Bali, Azul Beach Club offers a full-fledged beach experience day and night. Azul Beach Club offers an eclectic beachfront dining & leisure experience in the exotic settings of the bamboo tree house. The beach club features Bali’s First Tiki Bar, adults-only rooftop infinity pool with sun loungers and private dining terraces overlooking the turquoise beach during the day and also Bali’s most picturesque sunset. Set to become the Legian-Bali premier lifestyle destination, Azul Beach Club determines to provide a memorable tropical holiday experience and has prepared the fun way to enjoy the legendary sunset of Bali with Tipsy Tea. Imagine a high tea, but […]

Bali Events Calendar 2020 : March

For anyone planning on visiting Bali, consider coming around this particular time of year for an insight into the beautiful local culture. Melasti 21-23 March 2020 Melasti is one of Hindu religious ceremony which will be done 2 to 4 days before Nyepi. This is a part of self-purification conducted by Balinese Hindus before Bali New Year. The ritual also purifies the sacred objects or all religious tools (Pratima). From 21-23 March you will see Balinese women will carry offering that made from cake, fruits, and flower while the men will carry sacred object or Pratima accompanied by a particular umbrella which is called as “Tedung” heading to rivers, lakes, or beaches. […]

Kuningan Day

The 10-day period Galungan ends with Kuningan, The day when the gods and ancestors return to the heavens. It is a day of prayer, filled with blessings and feasts.  Offerings to be given to the ancestors on their farewell day include yellowed rice (Kuningan derived from the word kuning which means yellow) placed in a small “bowl” made of coconut leaves with other typical offerings like satay, egg, cucumber and fish or shrimp. The yellow rice is the symbol of human gratitude towards God for all the life, joy, wealth, health, and prosperity given. The bowls decorated with small figures of shadow puppets that represent angels that bring joy and wealth to earth. Balinese […]


Health Tips for Bali Vacation

We know that keep healthy while traveling and enjoying your trip can be a challenge, but no one wants to be sick while it supposes to have the fun in Bali! Follow our health tips to make the most out of your holiday in Bali, bon voyage! Hygiene  Food quality in Bali nowadays is getting better, but you should consider where you would like to have your meals. Trying the local foods is never going to be wrong as well as the quality of street food is already improving. There are many options for clean and good quality Balinese cuisine. We also recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer to keep you […]


Bali Events Calendar : February 2020

Following on from our blog post series, in this month we will provide information and important events happening in and around Bali during the month of February 2020. Galungan – 19 February 2020   A good indication that its Galungan time of year is the long bamboo that can be seen lining the streets. These are usually decorated with fruit, coconut leaves, and flowers, and a small altar containing woven palm-leaf offerings for the spirits is also placed at the entrance of each home especially for the holiday. Galungan is one of the most important religious ceremonies in Bali, held every 210 days according to the Balinese calendar, it’s when […]

Kura-Kura Bus Guide : Tickets

Did you know Kura-Kura Bus has 3 types of tickets? Do you know the difference? Kura-Kura Bus offers various types of tickets that you can use while traveling in Bali. Unfortunately, it can be confused when choosing it. To resolve your confusion, We will explain to you each type of Kura-Kura Bus ticket, so you know which one is the right for you! Single Trip Ticket First, before traveling using Kura-Kura Bus you must know that you can choose between buying a Single Trip ticket or buying Daypass pass for multiple trips. The difference is for a single trip ticket only  for a single trip in the direction of the destination. It’s ideal […]

5 Things You Can’t-Miss In Uluwatu Bali

Not visiting Uluwatu for the first time in Bali is something you will regret. If you have visited Uluwatu, we are sure that you will spend time here every time I return to Bali. To find out what I like about this area, check out our list of key activities below. We hope to inspire you to visit because we know you will like it the same as us! Start your day with Healthy Breakfast at Nalu Bowls Uluwatu [Image by Nalubowls] Smoothie Bowl and Bali are the same things in common, aren’t they? They are the best enjoyed in the summer season. One, if not the best, place to […]

How You Can Enjoy the Festive Chinese New Year Day in Bali

Chinese New Year in Bali takes place on 25th January 2020. This special holiday is celebrated mostly by the Balinese of Chinese descent as well as by most Chinese Indonesians across the nation. Although predominantly a Hindu Island, Balinese also welcomes the Chinese New Year joyfully. Even we don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, but we are very excited to watch the Chinese New Year Celebration in Bali. These 3 recommendations to enjoy the Lunar New Year in Bali. Experience the Celebration at some Klenteng in Bali Various temples called “klenteng“, are frequented by Chinese Balinese on this day. Honestly, I can’t recommend specific klenteng that you should come. It’s because […]