New Edition Guides & Map Vol.34

Kura-Kura Bus Guide & Map Vol.34

The New Edition of our magazine was already available. For the new edition, there is change, before our magazine is called Coupon & Map, now the magazine becomes Guides & Maps. It’s got a further Kura-Kura Bus information, travel guide, and map. Kura-Kura Guides & Map is a travel guide that keeps reminding you of the beauty of Balinese culture.


Here’s a sneak look inside :

COVID-19 Update – Kura-Kura Bus

First up, new updates for Kura-Kura Bus. To ensure we are taking all steps to possible to minimize the risk on board our services regarding COVID-19. Kura-Kura Bus is suspended starting from 22 March until 22 April 2020. For more information about Kura-Kura Bus, you can check our website here

New Kura-Kura Route Map


New updates come from Kura-Kura Bus service; We are improving the overall bus user experience by changing the bus line. New Kura-Kura Bus Lines connect throughout the tourist area of Bali,  especially Ubud. See the new route map  on page 28-29.

5 Bali’s Best Restaurant for Sunday Brunch!


Add for your next trip. Bali best restaurant for Sunday Brunch! If you are missing the Sunday afternoon moment in Bali, we feel you. Check our recommendation and give you an end-of-week perfect treat. Check on page 10-11.

Learn to Make Hindu Balinese Offering “Canang Sari”!


We teach you how to make Hindu Balinese offering “Canang Sari”. It has an essential thing in the religious ritual of Balinese Hindus as a form of gratitude and thanking for the peace which is already given to the world. Check on page 15.

Hopefully, bring you some solace during this unsettling time.

Available now on our website to download and it’s FREE!!.Check it out here.

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