Health Tips for Bali Vacation



We know that keep healthy while traveling and enjoying your trip can be a challenge, but no one wants to be sick while it supposes to have the fun in Bali! Follow our health tips to make the most out of your holiday in Bali, bon voyage!



Food quality in Bali nowadays is getting better, but you should consider where you would like to have your meals. Trying the local foods is never going to be wrong as well as the quality of street food is already improving. There are many options for clean and good quality Balinese cuisine. We also recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer to keep you safe from diarrhea. Some of the local street food only provide water and soap to wash your hand.

Bali Sunshine


Bali is lucky indeed to have many warm and sunny days over the year, Kuta, Legian and Nusa Dua are the most popular by the tourist as they have the stunning beach and warm sunshine. Severe sunburn ruins make you feel uncomfortable, and that is a big no for your vacation. You can bring your sunscreen before taking sunbathing or going outside to make your skin stay healthy.

Join Yoga Session


Keep in shape by joining Yoga classes at many Bali resorts. But if you’re in search of a particular method of yoga, you can go to Ubud, one of the best yoga places around the island. You can attend morning class, or if you want to yoga in the sunset, there is a class from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.

Touching Animal



Bali is a popular holiday destination with tropical nature. It’s a fantastic experience of seeing monkeys in the wild around temples. We know, it’s lovely and fascinating, but no matter how cute they are still wild animals. Some monkeys are aggressive, but mostly they only defend themselves if they feel threatened. Be careful with its bite, and It’s better not to get too close to them. Avoid bringing your belonging like sunglasses or small bags. And we recommend not feeding them with bananas, it might look cute, but when there weren’t anymore, the monkey can jump to you.

Bali Dog


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Bali dogs are adorable, one of the most famous Bali animals. The majority of Bali dogs are allowed to roam on the street, and they are used as guard dogs by their owner. The most health risk in Bali dogs in rabies. But with the help of the Bali government, several Bali dogs have been vaccinated. We can see a dog that has been immunized through a necklace worn by the dog with a red or purple collar.



Bali is a tropical island, especially in this rainy season mosquitoes are primary health risk in Bali. Dengue fever and Malaria are caused by mosquito, but in the hotel or villas, the chance of getting a heat is close to zero. If you plan to visit the Bali rural areas or countryside to do a mountain trekking, you can take preventions the malaria prophylaxis. The best protection is not to get bitten by the mosquito, wear long sleeves, trousers when doing a mountain trekking. While for Dengue, Fever is like a flu illness. It can be excruciating and, for some cases, can be fatal. The main symptoms are beside fever, aching joints, and muscles, vomiting, severe headaches, nausea. The best prevention is the same way as Malaria prevention to not get bitten by a mosquito, or you can use the mosquito repellent before going to a particular place.


1. Before having your Bali vacation, you should check on which vaccinations are required for yourself and the exact time when you will do that before your traveling date closer. Most of them will require 6-8 weeks before traveling. This recommendation is given to travelers individually as the past medical and vaccination. It consists of the type of traveling, accommodation, time of year, and the length of staying have influence vaccination requirement. Your doctor will instruct you on which vaccination you need before you go. This will help you to prevent the diseases and make your holiday feel comfortable and protect your health while you are on vacation.

2. Balinese people typically cook with a lot of spices. Local food like Babi Guling, Satay, or Lawar is mostly spicy. If you are not used to spicy food. You can ask them not to add “sambal” or chili sauce.

3. Wash your hand is the essential steps you can take to avoid getting sick. Remember to wash you with soap and clean running water.

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