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(English) Things You Need To Know When You Stay in Bali During Nyepi

I think some of you already know that March 25th is Nyepi Day. On this sacred day, Hindus will do a Catur Brata Penyepian or four abstinence, i.e. Amati Karya (no working), Amati Lelungan (no traveling), Amati Geni (no fire or light), and Amati Lelanguan (no having fun). Nyepi in Bali has its impression for tourists. The streets will be quiet, and at night it will be pitch dark because there is no light. Usually, before celebrating Nyepi there will be some traditional activities that you can enjoy. For example Melasti activities and Ogoh-ogoh parade activities. Ogoh Parade Ogoh is highly expected by the Balinese themselves and tourists. Ogoh-Ogoh is […]

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(English) Bali Events Calendar 2019

Photo by Horvath Mark on Unsplash One of the best things about going on holiday in Bali is, you can find interesting events and ceremonies wherever you go. For the tourist, this is one of the highlights of their trip. The highlight that offers a unique insight into the local culture. Religious ceremonies are based on the Balinese calendar which rotates every 210 days. Much time is spent to preparing offerings for all the various ceremonies that take place throughout the year. On this page, you can find various events and ceremonies that will taking place each month in Bali. Hopefully, on or more events will be happening during your […]

꾸라-꾸라 소식

2014년 6월 5일, HQ에서 열린 꾸라-꾸라 파티

꾸라-꾸라는 어제 저녁인 2014년 6월 5일에 꾸따 해변의 HQ에서 세일즈 파티를 열었습니다. HQ는 그랜드 인나 꾸따 호텔에 인접한 새로운 비치 클럽으로, 발리의 가장 유명한 해변에서도 최상의 자리에 위치하고 있습니다. 꾸따 해변을 바라보며 음료와 간식을 즐기러 오신 250여명의 손님들을 꾸라-꾸라의 공식 마스코트인 “꾸라몬”이 맞이해주었습니다.  파트너 회사들과 호텔들의 지원 덕에 굉장한 제비뽑기 상품들이 준비되었습니다. 초대객들이 즐길 수 있는 라이브 음악 공연도 있었습니다. 어젯밤 참석해주신 모든 분들께 감사 드립니다. ^^    


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