Kid-Friendly Destinations With Kura-Kura Bus

Bali is one of the most family places to have a vacation with kids. Kids love adventure but sometimes, the journey required to fun part is too much for them to handle..but fret not! Cute bus and cheerful trip with Kura-Kura Bus is the best things to keep you "anak-anak" (Balinese for children) smiling during a family holiday in Bali. Kids love colorful things and Kura-Kura Bus is very eye-catching, with cute green and yellow turtle design. And the best is, for kids 2 years and under, using the same seat as an adult may travel free of charge.


Dekom Surf – Surfing Lesson

Dekom Surf Bali

Did you know learning to surf is a great confidence builder for kids? Also surfing is a fun and healthy way to learn about the ocean. You can bring your kids to Dekom SURF, it's near our bus stop at Grand Inna Kuta. Kids will learn at Kuta Beach which is safe and recommends for all levels for beginner to learn surf. The waves also do not break far out and water is relatively shallow so kids will comfortable at all times.

Dekom Surf Surfing Lesson Bali

[Photo from Dekom]

Getting there:
Dekom is reached easily with Kura-Kura Bus. Start from DFS choose departure to Line 1, 2, 3 and stop at Grand Inna Kuta Bus Stop. For Line 1 stop at the tenth bus stop, for Line 2 stop at the ninth bus stop, and Line 3 stop at the fourth bus stop. The price for a single trip is IDR 20,000/person.

Since the sunshine in Bali now is much stronger, we strongly recommend that you wear a surf shirt to prevent sunburn. And also using sunblock.



Who doesn't love a waterpark? Waterbom is one of Bali's most popular spots for kids – or adults. There are all sorts of slides for all ages here. From the Lazy River – a "river" that flows around the park, let the tide carry your tube away. If your kids are daredevil type, you can set the kids loose at Funtastic Kidzone. A lot of fun things for your kids to explore from water cannon, slides, wheel, pull ropes, and the giant water bucket will keep them entertained for hours.

Lazy River in Waterbom

Getting there:
Waterbom is reached easily with Kura-Kura Bus. Start from DFS choose departure to Line 4 and stop at the eleventh bus stop. Price for a single trip is IDR 20,000/person.

Opening Hour:
09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Package Price:
- Funtastic Pack (Admission + Smashdown Lunch + Towel): IDR 430,000
- Single Day Pass (1 Day Access to all slide till 6 pm): IDR 327,000
- Total Package (Customize your experience): IDR 770,000

Be sure to rent a locker to store your valuables


Sacred Monkey Forest

Welcome to the jungle. Located in the middle of Ubud lies over 700 long-tailed Macaque Monkey. Macaques are a kind of Asian monkey species. Ubud Monkey Forest is a sacred monkey sanctuary. The forest is beautifully maintained, with many old trees whose roots climb out of the grounds. Deep inside the monkey sanctuary, there are 3 sacred temples. You can introduce Bali animals and plants. It's better for you to buy some bananas in some stall before the entrance. Then, you can feed the monkey, but be careful to not disturb them. But if you are in doubt, you can just watch another tourist feed the monkey. You may also want to take a selfie with a monkey.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Getting there:
You can visit Monkey Forest Sanctuary by drop off at Coco Supermarket Ubud. And walk about 5-min from Coco Supermarket to Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Price for a single trip is IDR 80,000/person.

Entry Price:
Adult : IDR 80,000
Children : IDR 60,000
Banana : IDR 45,000 (bundle)

- Don't move too quickly, especially for very active kids. You can explain to the children these are a wild animal.
- Make sure to leave you valuable items in the car or on the secure bag. Better not to wear any jewelry like earrings or sunglasses as the monkey might steal the jewelry and other stuff for you.
- Don't bring any food from outside, if it's stolen by the monkey, it's not good for the monkey health.

Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park is a perfect destination for kids and bird lovers. This place is full off exotic birds from a large variety species, from widespread species such as parrot, crane, pelican, flamingo, even a rare one such as Bali Myna/Bali Starling. Not all bird are caged, some of the non-aggressive birds wander around outside the cage. For us, this place is worth visiting, especially for kids, because the shows are good and educational and of course to add insight into the variety of bird species in the world. to learn about the bird.

Bali Bird Park

Getting there:
Bali Bird Park is the second stop on Line 5, between Gallery Coffee and Bali Zoo. Price for a single trip is IDR 80,000/person

Opening Hour:
09:00 AM – 05:30 PM

Entrance Ticket:
IDR 346,500/person

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo's first and zoological park where you can learn the behavior of over 500 rare and exotic animals in a lush, tropical environment. Kids can enjoy the petting zoo, feeding animals or seeing bird shows. Kids can petting zoo with domesticated animals like a pony, rabbits, and baby deer. Not only that, rare and endangered species include the Sumatran tiger, orangutan, sun bear, and there's also birds and reptiles that call the zoo home.

Bali Zoo

Getting there:
Bali Zoo is reached easily with Kura-Kura Bus. Start from DFS choose departure to Line 5 and stop at the third bus stop. Or if you are from Ubud you can stop at the eighth bus stop. The price for a single trip is IDR 80,000/person.

Opening Hour:
09:00 AM – 05:00 PM, 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Bali Zoo General Admission Ticket:
IDR 355,000/person

- Don't touch animals other than a petting zoo, they may seem cute and cuddly, but you never know how a wild animal might react.
- Don't feed the animal with other food, we should maintain animal health. You can feed the animal at the petting zoo, with vegetables are for sale.


Puri Lukisan Museum

Puri Lukisan Museum

It might sound boring, but visiting the museum will enriching and broadening the kid's experience by exploring other cultures. Puri Lukisan is the oldest museum in Bali. Home to the finest collection of modern traditional Balinese painting and wood carving. Puri Lukisan museum organizes art classes from, traditional painting, classical painting, playing gamelan instruments, shadow puppets, Balinese dance, etc. These art classes will make children more creative and imaginative.

Puri Lukisan Museum

Getting there:
The easier way to go to Puri Lukisan Museum is you can use the Line 5 and then take a bus stop to Puri Lukisan Museum. The price for a single trip is IDR 80,000/person.

Opening Hour:
09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Admission Ticket:
- IDR 50,000 for adult
- Children under 15 years old accompanied by an adult are free of charge
- This policy does not apply to children in groups.

Others - Traditional Painting: IDR 520,000/person
- Classical Painting: IDR 520,000/person
- Flute Playing: IDR 145,000/person
- Batik Class: IDR 520,000/person
- Wood Carving: IDR 520,000/person
- Basketry: IDR 365,000/person
- Offering Making: 365,000/person
- Gamelan: IDR 145,000/person
- Shadow Puppet: IDR 575,000/person
- Balinese Dance: IDR 145,000/person

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